Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another winner...yes, another one!

I thought I would surprise the first person who commented on the giveaway winner announcements so Sherry Ellison of Createology won a brooch also!!! Sherry will receive this purple felted brooch with a purple heart rhinestone below an image of a sweet girl with beaded flower in hair,vintage lace and flower beads.
Congratulations Sherry!


  1. Congrats to your sweet winner, Sherry, my friend. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


  2. This was a great giveaway! Such a neat one of a kind treasure the winners will receive.

  3. How nice is that! Great surprise!

  4. Pat you are such a generous person. This brooch is gorgeous! My order came and I am so happy with it. Thank you for the extra.

  5. How special Pat! the brooches are beautiful!

  6. Dear dear Pat: I am over the moon happy with winning your beautiful felted brooch. You are so very special and giving. Purple is very significant as it was my mother's (long passed away) favorite color and I always smile when I see it. Thank you so very much. Happy creating...

  7. Pat LOL,
    everytime I look at your blog you are giving somthing away! What a lovely gift,
    congratulations Sherry enjoy your pressie.

    Pam x

  8. Oh Pat, that is so beautiful! My goodness, every time I turn my laptop on, you post another lovely photo here on your blog!

  9. Hi Pat, I'm so glad you stopped by to visit. I appreciate the support and encouragement.

    Now it's my turn to look around and see what you've been up too.

    Love the brooch(s)! You are entirely toooooo creative. LOL.


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