Friday, July 02, 2010

Where has the week gone?

It sure has been a fast week. It seems all I have done this week is get mail. My talented friend Lisa spoiled me with a package of gorgeous hand dyed applique's, a bag of embellishments and a cute handmade doll. This certainly made me want to start several new projects!!! Thank you so much for all the beautiful things Lisa!
My Sis In Law, Elizabeth, from IL sent this newspaper...........
....which made me laugh. She has no idea I blogged about this when it came out last week. I was happy to have the actual paper to read the full article.  Such a neat little place and a talented gal.

My goodies arrived from Connecting Threads, a sponsor of the PieceWorks heart contest. I found some tools that will come in handy. PieceWorks sent me a copy of the magazine and I was surprised to see a few other crazy quilted hearts entered. Yeah for crazy quilting!!!!!

Today I worked on a nightlight shade while waiting for the VERIZON phone repair man alllllllllllllll morning then decided to call at 2:00. After 15 minutes of a computer voice I actually got to speak to a living person. Imagine that! I was so shocked it startled me. How sad is that? First she informed me that Verizon was now FRONTIER.????? What? When? Why? Oh Geez Louise!
She told me a repair man was in the area and would be there until 8:00. I don't really care, just fix my phone. It has been messed up for two weeks now. Incoming calls can hear me but I can't hear them. The cell phone really came in handy. I wonder if I will get compensated for no phone for two weeks....I won't hold my breath. Sorry if I sound as if my feathers were ruffled, they were. When I call someone I prefer to speak to a person, not punch a bunch of numbers when asked questions by a computer. This is progress? I won't even tell you how long it took me to report this problem last week after waiting a week in hopes it would fix itself. Calgon..take me away!

 I had better go make a cup of tea and continue stitching before I take my frustrations out on my poor laptop.
I wish you all a better day than I had. Tomorrow will be much better...I know it will.


  1. The phone company should give you credit for the time you've been without proper service if you ask them to do so.
    Your new pretties are going to make some great projects.

  2. Pat, those embellishments are absolutely gorgeous!! And when you finally got a real human being on the phone, did this person speak English fluently? That is one of my pet peeves - when you can't understand them. *sigh*
    Hugs! Diane


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