Monday, July 12, 2010

Third Summer Giveaway winner

Sorry about the delay. Yesterday I decided to play in the studio and then I dyed ribbons for four hours. Oh my aching feet! They feel better this morning. I am taking the day off and so looking forward to the CQ clutch class tomorrow and Wed. Kits are made, I'll be refreshed and have the coffee and apple pastries ready!

Oh wait, you are waiting for the winner to be announced aren't you? Sorry about that ;-).
The winning name drawn was.........................Leftsox.
Jennifer Vaughn  Congratulations!!!!
I will need your address won the third Summer blog giveaway which consists of this gathering of goods....
I couldn't resist the little Flapper girl dressed in turquoise with her Summer hat ready for play so the colors for this pack is Turquoise and Lime green. Enjoy!
I will be on time next Sun!
Three more chances to win everyone!!!!


  1. My goodness - no wonder your poor legs ached - feet up today - by order.

    Congratulations Jennifer - what a wonderful surprise.

    Today we have the first rain for many many weeks - so I am relishing every drop of it and my favourite aroma fills the air - rain on dry ground

    Have a wonderful time doing what you love best.

  2. Apple pastry!!! Yum!

  3. Congratulations Jennifer Enjoy your gift,
    What a wonderful day you have had dying ribbons did you tread them like grapes! Is that why your poor feet are aching LOL

    Pam x

  4. Once again I love your giveaway!! Congratulations Jennifer!

  5. I have never seen "crazy quilting" until today. I am stunned at how gorgeous the work is. What wonderful and pleasant inspiration. I am working on my first quilt. It will hand sewn and a simple patch work quilt but boy I am seeing things for other projects in a whole new light. Id love to see more of your work. I am obviously,lol,your newest follower. Please visit my new blog at

  6. I did win I'm working on the last things you sent I love just getting the supplies and thendoning somethig different Laura Q


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