Friday, July 02, 2010

Quilt show in MI

Last Saturday was very hot and somewhat humid as I ventured to a quilt show with mom. I was glad to know we would be in an air conditioned building.Although I was familiar with the vicinity because the Herb Barn was off the same exit, I thought it would be a good time to try out my GPS. It worked just fine and now I am planning a trip with mom 4 hours into Michigan very soon to a crazy quilt shop. I can hardly wait!
Could you tell we were attending a quilt show? They covered this car with quilt blocks.

We arrived at the show and I was happy to see my sweet friend Leslie right away. She greeted us and met mom for the first time. As we started looking at the handiwork from the guild Leslie brought me over an antique quilt piece she found at an antique mall. It was four blocks of beautiful worn silks sewn together.
 It is brighter in person. I may have it framed to prevent further wear. Thank you for this beautiful piece of history Leslie!
I couldn't take a step without being drawn to a few quilts, three in particular...I saw this one and recognized the fabric (Kaffe Fassett).
 I love his fabrics and apparently so does the maker of this quilt who happened to be none other than....Leslie! I love how she allowed the fabric to speak for itself with simple borders and beautiful stitching. As I read the quilt information I learned it was the last quilt she had the pleasure of working on with her mom who passed away last Aug. It was sad but what a beautiful memento of time spent together.

Then I spotted this striking black and white  quilt with a touch of green and pink which set it off nicely...

Also by Leslie. Then I turned around, took a few steps and was drawn to this one...
again, one of Leslie's. I don't read the quilt info unless I am interested in the quilts but all three of these drew me in before knowing who made them. Keep in mind the true colors and detail was not picked up by my camera.
We wandered about and shopped a little before heading back out into the heat. We both agreed we should head home and visit St. Joe on a cooler day so off we went toward home. We couldn't resist stopping at a few tag sales along our path.

It was a very enjoyable outing with mom, courtesy of Sweet Leslie. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you won a prize or more because your quilts were fantastic.Sorry for my awful photography skills.

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  1. Pat Resler2:11 PM CDT

    Love the quilted car! Since I'm from mid-Michigan, I certainly perked up when you said there's a crazy quilt shop in Michigan. Can you tell me where it is?


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