Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quick announcement

Gosh, I enjoyed a day running around with DH, mowing the side yard and felting brooches. The day got away from me and I am so sorry I didn't get the brooch finished and posted with the winning name however to make up for my tardiness I am giving away
3 brooches to 3 followers ...
instead of one. So if you can hang in there until tomorrow ( I promise) I will post the brooches and winners.
Good luck to you all!


  1. that's a good deal! good luck to all!

  2. A day spent with your DH is much more important than announcing the lucky name. Now we are fortunate enough to benefit times three. Good luck everyone...

  3. Oh wow, how wonderful, I hope you had a wonderful day, will check back tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Terri

  4. A Day in the fresh air mowing and gardening is always a refreshing tonic.

    Now you will feel revived. Have a nice week

  5. You are such an angel Pat,

    Pam x

  6. Pat, you are just so sweet and generous!! And I'm sure your brooches will be exquisite as is all of your work!

  7. It sounds like it was a fun day anyway!!


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