Sunday, July 18, 2010

Puzzle pieces, stash,ramblings

It has been non stop humidity and heat in this neck of the woods. Today I took advantage of staying in from the heat and made two crazy quilt puzzle pieces for the Pieces of Friendship Yahoo group. After constructing one of them I decided to make a tutorial for newbies which you can find on the original blog.
Below are the newest puzzles from today.
I thought I would share some newest gifties from very sweet ladies who I am blessed to call friends......
A few weeks ago I took mom to a sale at the house where Matilda came from. One of the sisters had saved a bag of laces for me and when I was leaving she asked if I would like the sewing machine sitting near the road. It works but needs a little TLC. I took it and painted the cabinet pink then added it to the classroom. DH is going to get it working again. For now it holds a rack of ciggies and business cards offered to students.The lace pieces on top and in the shelf/drawer are some from the bag of laces.
More laces from the bag.
Recently my pal Jilly returned from Colorado with some treasures to share. She attended a class with JBMontano and had plenty extra time to browse Antique shops and fun shops and found these goodies for me...
I can imagine her excitement as she came upon these items. The day we got together we ran around for a few hours and I found some old music books and sheet music at a junk shop....
which I shredded to make filler.(I shredded the sheet music, not the books)
Tomorrow I continue working on a commission purse and then I get to start a bed doll. I have ideas of what I think she should be however I haven't seen one in CQ so this will be a first for me. I will keep you posted on that project.
I hope you are keeping cool if you are experiencing the heat wave we are having.


  1. Working or not Pat, the sewing machine is the perfect addition to your classroom. The lace are to die for, and anxious to see what you come up with for the bed doll! Keep us posted ok?

  2. Hi Pat, always a joy to visit your blog. Lovely photos! I'm assuming your sewing machine is a treadle? I adore mine!!

  3. Lovely puzzle pieces Pat and that lace, oh my!

  4. Lovely lace!! And I love the puzzle pieces. I'm going to have to do some.

  5. Oh, how I wish I was a student in that classroom. Pat the puzzle pieces are lovely. I am going to check out the tutorial.

  6. It must be fun to go to a shop that has such great things . That puzzle is so nice. My hair dresser has a old machine for me. I have one now ,I have it in my sun room.Do not need more but did not want to say I did not want it. Will find some where to put it.Laura Q


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