Sunday, July 04, 2010

I found a surprise on my porch

I had to take a second look when I was on the front porch this afternoon and something purple caught my eye. I could hardly believe it when I saw this.........
The other Wisteria bloomed!!!!! Then I found one more bloom that hasn't turned purple yet. I am in shock! How crazy is this?
Then I looked across the street and saw this little deer snacking in the soybean field.
The neighborhood started celebrating the 4th a day early. Last night the skies were filled with beautiful sparks of color and booms. I sat on the front porch swing with a virgin frozen strawberry Daiquiri and enjoyed the free show. At this moment I am listening to another round of fireworks only this time I am sitting on my bed watching "The Gates". It is still too humid out to enjoy another show and it is almost 10:00. Being so humid and warm this late I bet it is going to be another scorcher tomorrow. I guess I'll slather on the sunscreen and float the day away again. Enjoy your long weekend if you get one.


  1. I love Wisteria and yours is beautiful. Sounds like you had a nice time. Hugs, Pearl

  2. Lovely post as always Pat! Love your Wisteria and the deer photo.

    We used to see deer in our backyard on occasion but it's been a few years. I'm surprised that we don't considering the lake is just a block away.

  3. Pat, every time I see wisteria I am reminded of my mother-in-law. She had an arbor just full of huge, purple blooms. Oh....and trips to England where the wisteria is centuries old clambering up stone walls of lichen with trunks so thick you can climb them! Perfect for the prince to reach the princess's room!
    I should scan some of my photos and post them....someday!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I just love wisteria! Your pictures are beautiful. It sounds like you had a nice holiday weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  5. I have always loved wisteria ...... sigh. Oh how lucky to have it bloom by your front porch!

  6. I had a profusion of blooms on my wisteria vine this Spring. Mine are much smaller blooms than yours though . . . must be a different variety.

    Hubby told me just the other day that it had bloomed a second time as well . . . just a few blooms here and there tho.



  7. Hi Pat, I'm so glad to meet you I love your blog. Just moved into this house less than 2 years ago and I was delighted to find 2 wisteria. I'm attempting to guide them up the railing to the deck and across the conservatory windows to shade them in the summer. Wish me luck at my attempt to control them!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  8. My wisteria is blooming again too. Guess it's all the rain we are having right now. Poor thing, it must think spring has come back. This time they are small blooms. But I welcome them anytime. I love the purple blooms and the smell is delicious.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Pat

  9. Looks and sounds like perfect heaven

  10. We had a wisteria growing at our former house. It was doing really well, considering the fact that it's not supposed to grow in this climate at all. I often wonder if the new owners kept it and if it ever bloomed.

  11. How beautiful Pat, and it looks like the wisteria are begging to be ribbon embroidered!

  12. We waited for ever for our Wisteria plant to bloom. One year it finally did. The blooms are so delicate, are real joy.

  13. How wonderful the blue wisteria!

  14. What a heavenly treasure! Your wisteria is gorgeous! A blessing from above to you ~ no doubt! <3
    ~ Katie


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