Thursday, July 29, 2010

I found a special gem in a treasure shop

Tuesday evening mom and I were discussing a road trip to Michigan. It has been so hot that travel has been put on hold. Neither of us had plans on Wed so we thought it might be fun to head out and see where the road would take us. Then I had an idea to make a phone call to a shop I had heard about last Autumn from an online friend . I phoned to make sure the shop would be open if we did decide to travel further than St. Joe. As you know I am not much for travel but I was anxious to visit the four hour away shop, especially after speaking to the soft spoken woman who owned it, Tisha.
I loaded the address in the GPS and off we went, packed with bottled water and moon pies! Instead of stopping in St. Joe first we decided to go to the shop first and hit St. Joe on the way home. I couldn't believe I was actually on my way to "Tisha's Needle Arts Studio".  Talk about last minute decisions. I was going to meet up with a few students whenever I The traffic was light and we gabbed the whole way then stopped for quick bite and an iced tea while I phoned Tisha to let her know we were minutes away. Tisha's shop is normally closed on Wed  but she thought it would be the perfect time to visit so we could talk and such. Tisha lives across the street from her quaint and well supplied shop.

Walking through the door and seeing the walls, drawers and counters filled with my favorite things felt like I was in an Australian or English stitch shop. This was the kind of shop I would have had if I were in my 30's again. You need lots of energy and time to keep a shop filled with such bounty and Tisha sure did a wonderful job of that.
When my eyes finally settled on one item I had to step closer and inspect the intricate Brazilian Embroidery. I roamed from one  framed piece to another before spotting the CQ pillows, then the fabrics,Hannah ribbons, fibers, laces, charms,books,etc. Oh where did I put that brown paper bag???? (to breathe into) Tisha stepped into the shop and the chatter began. Mom found a comfy chair to "park it" because she knew I was in my element and any hopes of paying attention to what she said was useless.
Tisha is a charming and very friendly woman . Our conversation from the first 30 minutes escapes. I brought some show & tell items to share. As Tisha browsed my things I shopped. The fabrics were already cut so that made for easy selecting.
After I gathered my treasures we shared stories and Tisha shared a butterfly technique with me. Then she showed me how to straighten Edmar threads for easier handling. I learned through that short (3 hour) visit that Tisha is a one of a kind shop owner who knows how to share with others and how to keep balance in her stitching life and shop. She teaches too. She is an amazing Brazilian Embroiderer, the best I have seen. Needless to say her crazy quilt projects are beautiful .
Tisha and I share more than just a name (Patricia) and a love for crazy quilting. We have the same opinion on many subjects including sharing, priorities, and dealing with personalities. We will be meeting halfway for visits I know this for certain. Although it would make her a child bride, I want her to adopt me :-)

Now for pictures which neither of us enjoy.
 I took a picture of mom and Tisha but both had their mouths open laughing and I wouldn't do that to anyone. As for new-found treasures........fabrics.......

threads,fibers,charms,lace, and........
 a new book.....I bought a Sandy Berry pattern online last year and was delighted to find a book with fun projects incorporating vintage images.
With a 4 hour drive ahead of us we tore ourselves away and hugged goodbye.
In this shop of scrumptious treasures, the most valuable gem is certainly Tisha.

I highly recommend this Crazy Quilt shop to anyone who picks up a needle for any reason. It is packed to the gills with new and interesting supplies you just can't find in one place for a Crazy Quilter or Needlework artist.

On the way home we stopped in St. Joe to finish our fun day with a treat. We hopped into Kilwin's and purchased fudge!!!! Of course I told them to hold the calories so no problem. Besides there are no calories because we were on "vacation" for the day. Isn't that what THEY say??????
How could you resist this??? Turtle fudge........
and peanut butter too!!!!

On the way to the car I snapped a pic of mom posing with one of the "Art" dogs in downtown St. Joe.

537 miles later I was home, bathed,and sleeping in my comfy lavender scented bed reflecting on the days events . Yes, I slept in this morning.
This morning DH left a note ...a live dragonfly was somewhere in the living room. 
 I found it and gently eased him onto a magazine and placed him in the flower box on the front porch....he quickly and happily flew off.

I hope you enjoy your day.


  1. Oh Lord help me could I have a mouth full of that fudge. Yummie.

  2. Oh Pat, what a lovely day you shared with us!! It was almost like being there. Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like a shop that I would love! And you just look prettier in each and every photo!!!

  3. What a treasure trove (spelling?) of awesome supplies and FUN!!!!Aren't those kind of days ~ hardly planned ~ the Best of all!!!Pam is right ~ you do look beautiful as always ;)

  4. What a fun filled day with Mom and meeting a new friend. Life is grand! Hugs, Pearl

  5. Gosh, I would have needed the Paper Bag too. What a Feast for the senses!!A gorgeous day to remember!!

  6. OMG OMG OMG!!! My sisters and I are constant visitors to Tisha's shop!! I even posted about it a while back, we love it there! Isn't she the most fun person!? We stumbled on her shop by accident, or should I say by providence! Every two or three weeks we go get our Tish fix!! Her shop is so loaded with the greatest things, love her laces, fabrics, charms, beads, books, all the little things hidden in drawers. If you need it, she has it, and if you've never heard of it, you will! Tish always adds little "extras" to our bags, she's just the neatest person with such a fun personality. In fact, I'll be stopping there probably Saturday on my way to my brothers. We've taken a couple classes from her, and have laughed our fool heads off! What a great lady! I told her she needs the whole building! I know you'll be back, Tish and her needle art studio are addicting!!

  7. I wish I was that dragonfly and could fly on down there and go with you next time!

  8. Oh Pat, I envy you getting to go to that little piece of heaven on earth. Wish I could have been with you. But, so glad you shared.
    Hugs, Pat

  9. I can't believe it!! That is where my sisters and I go for CQ supplies and have taken classes!!! I absolutely love it there!! I to love her brazilian embroidery! I'll be going back in a couple of weeks! Can't keep away now that we found it!!!1

  10. Hi Pat Again!
    Here is the link to the post on Tish!
    It's in the May archive., my Blue Waters blog!

  11. What a perfectly lovely day!
    You described it so well...and came home with some treasures. I know you will put them to good use....
    Thanks for a beautiful post...

  12. Oh Pat what a wonderful day! I was almost there with you as I read your post,
    And what a super way to end the day a lovely slice of happiness & saving a little dragonfly,

    Have a wonderful day,
    Pam x

  13. Oh what a fabulous shop!!! Looks like you bought so many beautiful things!!!


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