Friday, July 23, 2010

Hydrangea happiness

I took a little walk through the garden this morning. My poor garden isn't very colorful at the moment. Purple Globe Thistle, Rose of Sharon trees, Purple Cone flower, Pink Phlox, and  these pastel Hydrangea  are the only things keeping the garden lively. I need to get more yellows planted for this time of year. The Turtle-head are about to bloom and yes, they are pink too. It has just been too hot to garden and that is quite evident if you have seen the weather channel in our area. 90's today which they say will feel like 108 degrees.  You know where I will be! So on with my short garden walk...
I am so impressed with the Hydrangea that continues to bloom and delight. 

 Look what the birds planted.....

I haven't grown a Sunflower since DS was a little fella and we planted several in two rows to make walls for a vine covered tent. Morning Glories grew up the Sunflowers and made a shady roof. Those were fun times and unfortunately I never took photos of his flower fort.
I plugged in the crock pot and filled it with ingredients for pulled pork. For desert I made the whipped cherry  fluff so I am free to keep cool in the pool. Angell may join me for a quick cool down. I put her on a float and push her around until she almost falls asleep. I feel guilty leaving her in the house when I am home but this heat doesn't feel too well when you're dressed in fur.
Keep cool and enjoy your day.


  1. I love your Hydrangea! How pretty! The weather has been the same and humid.. Went to the beach a few days ago and like you I'm always looking for mermaids tears. No luck with finding blue this time but I did find quite a few pieces. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your Hydranga's look WAY better than mine! The Texas heat is just beating them down. When I was in California last week I saw some of the most amazing ones at Rodgers Garden. I wanted one in every color. And they made amazing wreaths with the dried ones. Hugs

  3. Your flowers are pretty Pat even with no yellow... Supper sounds delicious.... yummy
    How about pictures of Angel in the pool?? would love to see her enjoying thw water...
    I miss our pool this time of year but oh well....sigh..... a cool shower works!!
    The weather is so hot my gardening has gone heck.. Oh well I am keeping cool in my AC Studio ;-}

  4. Your flowers a gorgeous. Your garden must a suprise everyday.
    The heat is almost unbearable-hope they don't die too soon. I'm hiding in the A/C,, don't do well in the heat.

  5. Your garden photos are always full of gorgeous colour - I just love them.

    I do read your blog most days but due to time restraints I don't often leave comments - but that is not to say that I haven't truly enjoyed each post because I have. Reading about your dips in the pool, your beachcoming with your mum - all those lovely outings - you sure are living the dream - enjoy the rest of the summer

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous~ Hope you press those hydrangeas!

  7. Love the hydrangeas and the sunflowers!

  8. Your floral shots are fabulous!! My hydrangesa are really suffering this year- too much heat and not enough rain- theya re not toughened up for this sort of weather- I ahve cut back spent blossoms and I am hoping for a rebloom!!!! Hope that the cool is coming for all of us soon!!!!!!

  9. Oh I love hydrangeas!!! They are just fascinating the way they are colored! I haven't had any luck growing them here in Colorado....


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