Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great class and perfect morning beach walk

I spent yesterday enjoying the company of two returning students. I offered an "Exploring Embellishment" class and we just spent the day felting,playing with Angelina fabrics, trying Stump work and other techniques to add to Crazy Quilt projects. Here are some class pics.....
Susan felting............
Susan's felted piece ......... I love the image she added under a sheer embroidered layer.
J's felted piece will be a needle book....front
It was such fun goofing around with the ladies and I love seeing them explore new possibilities. Other than meeting wonderful women, this is my favorite part of teaching . Seeing their faces and hearing their comments when they are learning something new to play with.
Susan brought show & tell items to share and I will post a whole "show" on them this evening. They are gorgeous pieces with images of  family that are too special to just breeze through. 

This morning I headed to the beach alone and the water was calm and the sky was still a bit dark....this is looking across the lake NW.
Two shore birds were enjoying this peaceful time floating alone before beach goers arrive and the noise and splashing begin. That is when I  leave the beach as well, so I am a bit of a "shore bird" too.

Along my journey I found this neat assemblage of driftwood. 
I walked for two hours and half way back I found my treasure of the day....BLUE!!!!
I wasn't expecting to find a blue piece but it was the icing on the cake and I happily hiked back toward the car. The sky was much lighter as I departed.

See you next time (with mom) oh sandy one........................


  1. What an amazing course - lovely work by your ladies - and such a heavenly beach walk - I just loved it!

  2. Love the felting, I have a felting machine and have done lots of fun things with it. It is wonderful for mixed media.
    Isn't fun to find blue sea glass. I have gone to the NJ shore for over 40 years and always find seg glass at the waters edge hard to find especially as the wave comes and hits just when you are about to grab it. LOL. Have fun

  3. Sounds like a really special day you had. Love what your class is doing. Ofcourse your beach walk is so inviting. Enjoy!

  4. Looks like you had another great day crafing in your class!
    and your walk on the beach looks so wonderful,

    Have a happy day,
    Pam x

  5. It looks like a fun class! Lucky you for finding Blue beach glass, I love it when I find blue!!

  6. How fun to share your knowledge with the lucky ladies who take your classes. I see lots of creativity happening. Happy creating...

  7. What a class!!!It would be fab to just sit with other creative ladies and play!!bet you learned things from your students too.
    Aren't we lucky to be able to do this!
    So many new products and techniques "out there".

  8. BEautiful projects by some very happy and lucky ladies!!!!! Your Dad seems to know just when you will be coming by, doesn't he???


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