Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featuring......Susan galore

My students arrive as strangers but leave as friends.
Susan Adamek took a CQ class from me last year and I was thrilled to have her return for the "Exploring Embellishments" class on Monday. Susan is a fiber & multi- media artist and now,"Crazy Quilt addict", and her sewing projects are wonderful. She brought a few of her things for show & tell (yeah!!!)

She is making a series of pillows incorporating images of her late mother and little sister which tug at the heart strings because of both sentiment and beauty. Let me share some of her art with you...................This was one of my discarded  blocks used as a sample  to demonstrate piecing to a friend which I tossed in the class fabric bin. Susan plucked it out last year and rescued it. She embellished it and finished it as a pillow. 
The following accent pillows feature various vintage post card images. They are so cool.
I just love "Hazel"!!!!!!

This begins her family series.....a true testament to,"Less is More". The right amount of embellishing to allow the images to "speak".
I would be so thrilled if I had family photos like those.

The next two items are a set which includes a necklace (in progress) and a cuff using Flights of Fancy goodies.

In person these are breath taking! Susan's fabric and color choices blend beautifully and leave you in a peaceful state of calm and smiling.
 Susan subscribed to the monthly kits from Flights of Fancy and has been thrilled as a kid in a candy shop each month. If you are a beginner or just find yourself needing some new treasure, Flights of Fancy is the place to order. I know of no other online shop that offers such finery for crazy quilters/fiber artists. No, I don't get a kick back, LOL, I just know the quality and variety they offer first hand. Big thumbs up and 5 stars from this crazy quilting stash lover.
Thank you for being in class Susan and for bringing your lovely heartwarming projects to share.


  1. Hi Pat, your friends work is so pretty. I love her family pillows that she made. I too wish I had family photos such as these. I love to come by and see what you are doing. I don't always comment but your blog is one I visit daily.

  2. Thank you for sharing these Pat! Susan has done a beautiful job on all the projects. Lovely to see.

  3. Susan's work is beautiful!!! I love the white ones! I just did one for someones Mom who died ~ I didn't want to post cause it had her pic on it but they are such fun to do!!Her pics inspired me!!!

  4. Just look at the inspiration you have provided Pat - another cq'r has been assimilated! Susan is doing beautiful work!

  5. I can't find "flights of fancy" Is that the same as the "Trim and Treasure Club"? And please tell me how to straighten Edmar.. I bought 80 skeins in Colorado last year just because I can't get it here and it drives me CRAZY!!!!

    I would love that card and leave with a smokin' credit card!!!!

    Gerry K.


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