Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Class of "Crazies", I mean Crazy Quilt class.....

The past two days I had the pleasure of enjoying another wonderful group of students! I am fortunate to have the best students attend my classes.  The ladies from this week's Crazy Quilt clutch class were lots of fun. I enjoyed watching them build their clutch while lovingly bickering with each other. True friendship for sure.
 Yesterday after class they invited me to go to Vogue fabrics with them.
They had to twist my arm of course ;-). 

Vernita and Minda are patiently waiting for their fabric finds to be cut while a few feet away...... the land of BLISS  Deb seems to have found hers with this lovely bolt of textured fabric!
Now that is a contented woman!

 Yes, I admit that I did find a few fabrics I didn't have. I haven't photographed them yet...(don't tell Ellen) .

Later in the evening we ventured to the beach with a pizza then took a stroll. There was a cool breeze off the lake and just enough waves to calm the soul. A hazy Chicago skyline was visible as the sun slowly sank toward the Sears tower (Willis Tower). We found a few mermaid tears (enough to prove I wasn't a liar,LOL) . After a relaxing stroll down the shore collecting, chatting and enjoying our surroundings we came back to reality and parted ways.... they headed back to do homework and I went to visit mom. It was a very pleasant day.

Today the ladies had a surprise visit from Ellen Anne Eddy. Ellen presented a lecture at their guild recently so I phoned her this morning to see if she could stop by and happily she could.

Ellen shared a few selections of  her latest work with us.Thank you Ellen! Wait until you see what she has been doing. WOW!
After class wrapped up I took a photo and we reluctantly bid farewell.
I was so happy they enjoyed their class and project and was sad to see them go. I sent them off with directions to the fabric and bead shops I enjoy in two little towns of MI. I hope they find some treasures.
Farewell new friends.......until we meet again!.........and we shall. Thanks for a great class!

After straightening the classroom I took a dip and started gathering stash for my next project. Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot and humid day so I will be home stitching and swimming and vegging out.


  1. You totally crack me up! No kidding!

    Love visiting wonderful, talented YOU!


  2. Your class and talent sound like a perfect match for the ladies. How fortunate for all. Happy creating...

  3. OMG Pat,
    Your class looks so much fun I would just die for something like that near my home,
    You all look so happy and I bet you had so much fun getting to know each other, & that trip to the fabric store I would be in my elements! Sadly we have no fabric stores lets in our town now it’s so sad!

    Happy crafting
    Pam x

  4. Pat, your class looks like it would be wonderful! I wish I could participate! I think I need a bit of hands on encouragement! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and inspiration.

  5. Pam love the pictures of your class you have inspired me to start teaching my own classes. I've wanted to take the plung for a long time now I'm going to try and as I live in Canada I'm hoping there will be some interest. Thanks for the eye candy. Linda

  6. Your class members are lucky indeed to get to experience you as their teacher ~ You blog is so warm and friendly Pat. How could anyone not feel at home! Blessings to you ~ katie

  7. Pat, I thought of you when I purchased some silk fibers from Mud Hound Studio to use in my fabric creations. Have you seen them? Her link is on my blog. I love them!


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