Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tag sale find

A few weeks ago when I spent a Saturday hitting tag sales with mom I found an interesting shelf for the studio. After getting it home I turned it upside down which was really the way it was supposed to be and realized it was meant to display a couple of special plates.Well my dining room walls can hold nothing more so it couldn't be used as intended but then when do I ever use things for their intended purpose?

The studio no longer had wall space since I rearranged my bead racks so I was stuck with an interesting fairly large piece that I needed to find a home for. I slowly wandered around each room trying to imagine a spot for it. I knew once it had a couple coats of cream paint it would be so cute and "shabby"with the nice details....but where will it go and what could I put in it?????

I stepped into my bathroom and looked at the empty wall space with only a towel bar. Ah ha! I measured and it fit!!! After three coats of paint I hung it and filled it with stuff. Hand towels, jars of lavender Epsom salts,
 porcelain hands displaying favorite cuffs, a few vintage pics, etc.

It found a home but I realized I must stick to my rule and not purchase anything larger than a bread box unless it was the reason for my search. After looking this piece over I realized it had to be recently hand made. You can buy all the pieces of ornamental wood bits at Lowes. If anyone has a handy hubby they could make it in a few hours. I wonder who made it for the previous owner and if she would have kept it if it were painted cream??????
I'm off to return printer ink cartridges that Office Max swore would be compatible with my printer. I had planned to print out the info sheets for July's class and the ink was not recognized by my printer. Argh! A wasted day. I will never try to save a few $'s again by trying a generic ink brand. Ink is so expensive and doesn't last long so I thought I would try the Office Max brand. Ha! What have I saved if I must take another trip back to the store???? As DH always tells me, "you get what you pay for".
Have a great day!


  1. Oh! I love that shelf. I am sure if the previous owner could see it now, with all your pretties, they would want it back. Really, if that were a french bread box we are talking about, I think this works. Lovely, glad you saw the potential in it. I may try making one for myself.

  2. I love that shelf - wish I had room for something similar in my house. Also have to admit that I so envy you the porcelain hands!

  3. Your shelf is quite the find and looks perfect in it's new home.
    I hate it when "You get what you pay for" is the truth! No generics when it comes to important items. Happy creating...

  4. Love the shelf. I have found no generic inks work in my printer, or refilled original ones. I have to buy new ones each time. I go through so much ink-I thought we were going toward a paperless society-LOL-I have more paperwork now than I've ever had!

  5. I think your shelf is just full of personality.....new OR old. I have a shelf in my storage which I did the same thing with - carried it all over the house and could never find a place for. I will. Blessings, Diane

  6. HI Pat, you have found the perfect spot, it looks amazing, love everything you have on it.

  7. So very pretty Pat! You have a gift for displaying things. Quite lovely!

  8. Pat, the shelf is beautiful and hard to believe it could be new. You found the perfect spot for it. I know what you mean about running out of wall space! ;-) But we're decor magicians, aren't we! There's always room for one more....somewhere!


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