Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sunrise , painted studio, and a few new blooms.

This morning I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the sunrise. I wish I could capture the true colors but these will give you an idea if you imagine intense Fuchsia and Periwinkle.........
See who also enjoys a beautiful morning?
DH calls her a donkey because of the way she sits. She is comical.
The fallen limb was cleaned up but the tree still stands until we decide how to tackle it. The two surviving limbs will most likely fall into the road. The tree looks so strange now like it was cut right down the center.  I will miss the beautiful golden leaves when it goes.
I took a walk through the garden and found my Foxglove I had planted from seed was in bloom.
The Campanula's have spread everywhere. I don't mind because they are so pretty.
The Golden  loosestrife is blooming as well. A nice touch of yellow.
The Peonies bloomed during the three days of rain and they ruined. I missed bringing in bouquets this year. Phooey! Mom's are about to bloom so perhaps I can swap a Mocha Frappe for a few blooms?????

I finished painting my studio about an hour ago. It took three days to reorganize and paint. I love the soft creamy color that I had painted the trim and upstairs walls in Nov/Dec, so I continued it into the studio. It looks much brighter and fresh. I moved all my bead racks to one wall and the cream background makes it easier to choose colors. Less distracting I think.

I took down the silk Dupioni curtain and now have easier access to the shelves.

 I am anxious to start new projects in this brighter space. As I organized drawers and handled embellishments my mind was going a mile a minute with projects I want to start. I do believe that I am officially finished with home and yard tasks and am now ready to relax and enjoy all the hours I have worked the past few months. The forecast calls for three days of sunshine and 80 degree temps.

Perhaps a new batch of Strawberry Daiquiris are in order????????????????


  1. So sad to have to take the tree down, but sometimes necessary.
    Your studio is wonderful. So organized. May I ask how your DH made those fantastic bead holders? The idea is ideal. Angel and Teddy sit the same way. It cracks me up. Enjoy those strawberry daq's..

  2. Gorgeous Photos Pat! And your studio looks great! I didn't see a button on your sidebar, are you taking part in Karen Valentines "Where Bloggers Create?"
    If not, you should!

    I headed over to Spokane this last weekend for Farm Chicks,,,,too fun (Posts and photos on my Blog). Now I am painting,,,,getting ready for Karen's Blog Event!

    Thanks for Sharing,,,,have a great week!


  3. Your dog is so cute. It's so nice to have a little friend to share things with. Your studio is very beautiful. I bet you really love it AND I bet you love having things caught up. What a great feeling I'm sure that is. Diane

  4. Hi Pat, oh I love the early mornings! Well, most of the time I'm driving to work at 0530,:-( but because I'm used to getting up early, I can enjoy the sunrises on the weekends too! Beautiful sunrise, and I love your garden photos. Oh, and your studio looks so spacious and fun! Enjoy your week! :-)

  5. The sunrise pictures are awesome Pat, love your new studio look! I need to clean mine after my guest kittens leave!

  6. Sorry about your beautiful tree. Glad it didn't hit anything too important. LOVE the studio--please come organize mine-LOL!!!!

  7. Photos of the sunrise are beautiful! I've been busy prepping the studio for June 19th too! Your studio looks lovely - bead storage is fabulous - look at all those colours! So easy to just select something off the wall. Strawberry daiquiris - yum....

  8. What lovely photos - of the sunrise AND your studio space. It looks so fresh and organized. Seeing the nice bright colour makes me want to get busy repainting mine!

  9. Oh Pat! What gorgeous photos! Your sunrise is beautiful and your flowers are awesome and I absolutely love your studio!!!! If you have time pop over and you can see some of my flowers... Marva

  10. That sunrise is breathtaking. Don't you just love the birds waking and all that color around? My favorite for enjoying that first cup of coffee!
    The studio looks wonderful, so organized and bright! You are inspiring me to tackle mine (stop it already!!!).
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  11. (oh darn

    not sure that comment I left went thru)

    I was saying.....YOUR STUDIO IS GORGEOUS !!!

    and thumbs up on the daiquiris ! (yay)


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