Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Solo beach morning

I was walking along a beautiful pure white sandy beach on a magnificent island when I heard someone calling my name......then I woke up! I was dreaming! I looked out the window to see a gloomy cloudy morning however the urge to go to the beach was too strong to ignore. I knew mom was busy so I had to go alone.

There wasn't anyone else there when I arrived except a young couple. I started down the shore and felt a overwhelmed by the hard crashing waves beside me. Was this a good idea? The air was quite cool yet there were pockets of warm air coming off the water. I slipped off my sandals , rolled up my jeans and walked as close as I could to the water without letting the water touch me.

I thought perhaps there might be lots of glass since we had  hard rain storms the two previous nights. I found a few pieces and continued on despite the feeling that I should turn back and return another day with mom. After about 20 minutes of meandering along the shore I spotted a beautiful lighter blue piece of glass. As I bent to pick it up the sun came out. I smiled and knew I should continue on. I walked....and walked....and walked until I found myself the furthest I had ever been before. I turned and could see many small black dots on the beach and knew it was filling with sun bathers. I had spent almost three hours walking....time to return home. On the way back I found two more blue pieces and a few purple pieces, one being a nice dark purple. I felt energized as I climbed the wooden steps to my car and was so happy I acted on my instincts and made the trip. I was hot and stopped for a mocha latte on my way home thinking of the cool pool water and anxious to cool off. When I went in the house to change the sun went away as the dark clouds filled the sky. Argh! (as Charlie Brown would say), what now? I went in anyway and the sun popped out a few times and I decided I could do something more constructive with the day so I went in to stitch until DH came home. Then again this evening on the front porch as I polished off the strawberry Daiquiri's left over from the weekend. :-) (almost no rum)...really.

This is the loot I found today.
 Love that dark purple piece!
I also wanted to share a blog that shows several studio ideas. I am honored to have some pics of mine featured . Check it out and maybe you will find some new storage ideas.
Have a great evening and a sunny tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the link for the studio ideas (including the peek into yours!). I have to admit to being an organization junkie. I read every book I can get my hands on about the subject and love looking at how other people set up their studios and homes. I can't say I'm any more organized for all my reading, but I really enjoy it.

  2. Beautiful beach glass finds! Great that you followed your instincts!
    Checked out the blog, I really love your studio. I'd have to do alot of cleaning catch up before I dared show mine!

  3. I was at the beach too today! It must have been me calling you in my mind ;)
    I had a california dog ~ wrote in my beach journal and read the entire issue of Southern Living (even though I am more of a Yankee after all these years) ~ isnt it wonderful to be soaking up the rays again!!!!The beach glass is heavenly!!!

  4. A walk along the beach sounds wonderful....we're still running our furnace and slogging in the rain. Is it really June?

  5. I live on an island but I do not go to the beach at all. The last time I went was to look for seaglass but could not find any. I am so glad you had a good alone time at your beach and found so many mermaid's tears. That purple one is lovely!!

  6. Oh my! You are so organized, Pat! No wonder you manage to create so many lovely things - everything is at your fingertips! I would love to be able to see the bead storage your dh created closer.

  7. Pat, I so much enjoy your beach finds! So pretty! We live near a lake and I've looked for some down at the beach but no luck.

  8. Pat, your post made me smile. It's a reminder to follow my heart more often as you did!

  9. Thanks for the great pointer on the studios, Pat and congratulations for your being chosen for it. Your studio looks so neat an serene and clean. Beautiful.

    I love your description of the walk on the beach and your beautiful glass. What a lovely thing! It's nice to do things alone sometimes. Diane

  10. You listened to your heart dear, Pat. Your head kept saying go back but your heart ruled. Love all the sea glass you found, real treasures.

  11. What a totally idyllic day you had - thank you so very much for sharing - your descriptions were just perfect, so much so that I was 'right there' with you. Coming home with such a perfect 'haul' was the icing on the cake - and a dip in the pool - Wow

  12. Sounds like a wonderful walk on the beach.
    Seldom do we have blissful enough weather for a 3 mile walk on the Oregon coast, without being bundled from the cold wind. Toes would be icicles by then. =)

    Beautiful glass.
    Now off to see the blog you told us about,and the ideas. I am in the midst of reorganizing my art/class rom after downsizing, stuff, and size.

    blessings on your day.

  13. Pat,
    I started checking around EBAY for the insertion lace. looks like the $1.35 or $1.50 for the one i found is a good price, so I jumped on it.

    thanks so much for taking time to write. Now I have learned something new, again. =)


    barbara jean


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