Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questions answered

I am sorry I haven't gotten around to answering questions from you, my fellow bloggers. I will take this moment to try to answer them from various past postings in random order.

1. I found the rose thread winders (bobbins) that my vintage lace is wound onto here. I printed them on watercolor paper. Pam is the creator and does quite a fabulous job.

2. Yes, the lace in the large jar is wrapped around wooden clothespins.

3. The purple CQ I won a prize for took 3 months for embellishing alone. I worked 6 days a week for 12 hours or more each day in the garden.

4.I find 98% of my mermaid tears in Lake Michigan at the Beverly Shores beach near my home.Yes, I have found a few red pieces.

5.By "fancy fabric" I mean just about anything that is not cotton such as Moire, Velvet, Silk Dupioni, Brocade, etc. (Not stretchy)

6.My fur-baby Angell is a long hair Chihuahua and is 13 years old.

7.Yes I do dye all of the silk ribbon I use. I prefer Procion MX fiber reactive dye.

8.Yes, mom will be 80 on Dec 17th this year. :-)

9.I don't know the name of this lace, sorry. Does anyone out there know how this was made? I have some and have heard of the name but forgot.

10.My hubby made the wall hugging bead holders using Plexiglas, screws and wood. Hope this close up helps.

11. Yes I do clean my own house and am thankful my guys are not messy fellas.

12. Yes I do take on commission work however at this moment I am booked for a few months.  I do keep a list of names if you know what you want. I create in the order received unless it is a small item then I work it in between projects.

13. Yes I do accept class bookings for one. If you have a date in mind email me and we can work it out. I'm pretty flexible. I can also customize a class for you or up to four people. (angell100@comcast.net)

14.Yes I do plan to offer online classes soon. It has been a very busy Spring here.

15. Yes I am still in the puzzle swap and will be finishing some soon. My apologies for being so behind in this group.  www.piecesoffriendship@yahoogroups.com

I think that is all the questions, if not please ask me again. I apologize for answering them all in a post but at this time it was the best I could do.
I want to thank each of you for your congratulations on winning in the Pieceworks contest. Your comments mean a lot and are appreciated.


  1. Hi Pat, the lace looks like Tambour Lace to me. You can Google the name and see quite a few close ups to compare with what you have. I've tried making a small sample, and it's kind of like a lazy daisy chain, but using a tiny crochet hook through lace netting that is tightly held in an embroidery hoop.

  2. Pat the lace is embroidered tule. I couldn't see it properly on the blog photo, but on Ineke's Flickr I was able to enlarge it big enough.
    You see it in lace collections in Europe. It is made late 1800 or early 1900.

  3. Hi again, here you can see a little part of the same lace, embroidered tule. This piece is from late 1800, maybe 1890.

  4. Thank you ladies,
    Did you already see my other piece? It's very small, but I bought it on an antique market in France some years ago.


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