Sunday, June 13, 2010

Off to the beach!

I just bought the book "Passion for Sea glass" and I'm so anxious for it to arrive.It looks so interesting and hopefully will give me some crafting ideas for my found glass.

Speaking of found glass, I'm off to the beach with mom and then to the Junk shop. I haven't been there in so long.I'm hoping to find some vintage door knobs to paint and use as hooks for silk ribbons. If I don't find them there I will have to head to South Bend next week. I know where there is a whole booth filled with boxes of door accessories. Hopefully mom will be up for a short road trip.

Spending a lazy weekend...hope you are too. Enjoy!


  1. This book looks just like you. I hope it's as good as it looks. I love looking forward to something yummy coming in the mail. Diane

  2. I think I have to have that book too, I have tons of sea glass that I have picked up at the Jersey Shore for the last 40 years. We only visit there once a year.

  3. Hi Pat.
    I am jealous that you gals can find the sea glass.
    I spent last week at the cottage(Lake Huron) We strolled the beach every day and I did not find ONE piece!! Not that I collect it but a friend does. I was reading her book on it and apparently RED is very hard to find. Do you have any red?

  4. My Mom bought me that book ~ I promise you will love it!
    Have a GREAT day today you!!!!

  5. Hi Pat,
    It looks a lovely book, us all a review when it arrives.
    We have lots of beach glass here in Devon, I always wonder how far it travels!
    I have a friend who makes the most beautiful jewellery with it. She has a special drill to use in her work.
    I'll think of you all when I next hit the beach.
    Keep smiling,

  6. That book on seaglass looks good. Give us a review and I may buy it. I am wondering about the door knobs for ribbon hangers...that I want to see hope you find some.


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