Sunday, June 13, 2010

Morning at the beach and blah blah blah!

I spent a carefree morning with mom strolling down the beach. It was slightly cool with overcast skies so it was very pleasant when the warm  Lake Michigan water washed over my fingers when I cleaned the sand from my treasures.
Mom took the place of the missing sunshine dressed in her yellow blouse and shorts. She certainly does not look or act like an 80 year old to me.
I found a silver plated copper spoon that a child had been using to dig in the sand. It has a pretty floral design so I thought I might bend the spoon area and add a bird nest or something.
These are my glass findings of the day.
 On our way back we ran into two gals who wanted me to take their picture. I think they were sisters. They had a pretty accent, possibly Polish or Russian???? Anyway, they returned the favor by taking a couple pictures of us...

 Mom spotted some slime grass (unofficial name) in bloom.
 After leaving the beach we stopped at the Junk Shop a couple miles away. There wasn't much there today but I did find an old music book that looked interesting.
I think I will fold each page in half and sew the edges to make pockets. Or I may shred the pages for fun project filler.

When I arrived home DH was starting another house project.

He is as bad as I am when it comes to not being able to sit still when things need to be done. Yesterday he bought some materials to cover the ugly front and back porch ceilings.
Quite a difference huh? He has been wanting to do this for several years but there has always been other things to tend to first. No more wasp nests!!!! Yeah!!!

This afternoon I noticed the bright side of losing the large tree limbs is having flowers thrive in the new light. I slowly added random flowers to this area where we lost a huge tree a couple years ago and now it is such a happy colorful garden.
After the last few days of rain several plants bloomed. There is nothing like the magic powers of rain.No matter how faithful I water and fertilize the plants never look as vibrant as when we get a  deep soaking rainfall.

Last night I finished the pouch for the blog follower, Elizabeth. I couldn't decide between a garden theme or sea theme but went with the sea theme because I loved the image of the little vintage girl in the swimsuit. I hope she likes it. I need to add the cord and off it goes.

On that note I will go as well. I need to clean up and settle in for the evening.Tomorrow back to stitching!
Have a great evening!!!


  1. First things, first!!! Your beautiful Mum looks like a fifty year old at MOST!!! AMAzing woman- you are blessed with a wonderful Mom and some great genes!!!
    The rain has been coming down regularly here as well and the garden really looks so much lusher for it- nothing like the real thing!!
    Now, you have me squirming with anticipation to be waiting for a Pat Winter orignial with a Beach theme!!! I hope that she likes it??? YA THINK???!!!! you are so silly- I will treasure and adore it and I will drive all crazy here, till it arrives!!!!!
    HAve a very happy week!

  2. P.S. How very special to have pictures of you two girls at one of your favorite spots!!!! And your colors complement each other so nicely!!!! Real treasures!!!

  3. It's so special that you have an active mom at 80, who enjoys life and spending quality time with her daughter. A beautiful picture of the two of you Pat. Your yard is turning out so pretty, and hubby is doing a great job!!Great post!!

  4. I love the pictures of you and your mom. I love the yellow and turquoise against the water. Very beautiful. Love your posts. Diane

  5. You 2 could be sisters. You have the best luck finding sea glass and that spoon, looks like it has been used as a sand shovel before. Sweet.

  6. Wow, your gifts are such labors of love!

    Your mom looks way younger than her age. It must be fun for the two of you strolling by the beach. Your garden is beautiful, got a variety of flowers. And that ceiling make-over is fabulous! Look at the big, BIG difference :-)

    Happy stitching!

  7. How wonderful to spend time with your mom and she is amazing for "did you say 80?" This photo of you together will be a true treasure. Happy creating...

  8. Hello Pat,
    I enjoyed your today’s post; Loved your wonderful beach finds especially the lovely glass! Your mom looks lovely on the beach in her sunny yellow top & I thought I would send a complement tell her she has a lovely pair of legs!
    Nice little junk shop finds too,
    Your dear hubby has made a great job of the porch ceiling I bet it look so much brighter now,

    Have a wonderful Monday
    Pam xporch ceilings

  9. Hi Pat, I always so enjoy your beach photos! And it's so nice to see you & your mom together!

  10. PS - I would just love to spend one day with you. Ok, maybe two. One at the beach and one day antiquing. Well, 3 days might be better. An extra for Vogue Fabrics!


  11. Love the photos of you and your very young mom. To be treasured for sure. Love the new ceiling your DH has put up. It makes a world of difference. Your gardens are lush and beautiful too.

  12. What a fabulous post - it's wonderful to see you and your mum together - you are both gorgeous and look so happy and healthy

    Love the garden - you have some many plants that I grow!

    The house renovations are brilliant - what a difference


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