Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early morning garden stroll pays off!

This morning after DH left for work and it was not yet daylight I sat on the front porch swing and sipped coffee with Angell by my side while listening to a choir of birds. There is nothing like experiencing morning birdsong. I listened carefully trying to recognize the different birds that were participating in the concert. It was like putting a puzzle together. Some you were sure of, others not so much. They were hidden among the trees waiting for me to leave so they could have breakfast in an area I set up for them after the tree mishap.
It was a peaceful way to start the day I must say.

When the sun peeked its sunny head above the earth across the field I started snipping spent blooms from the Petunias hanging above me. As a child mom taught me to deadhead Petunias everyday to have more blooms and less mess. I swore I would never have them when I had my own home however I cannot go a season without buying a few. Perhaps because they are a deep set cozy memory from childhood? Perhaps because I am a glutton for punishment? Whatever the reason, you will always see Petunias somewhere around my home. I'm not one for "fancy" flowers although I love them all. When mom visits she always checks to see if I did my duty and she never fails to poke her finger in the dirt to make sure they have been watered,LOL.

Here comes the sun..............
Morning Joe in my resale shop cup...love it!

I found the old straw hat on the way home from MI on Saturday (more on that next post). I couldn't pass it up for a dollar.

The last rain storm made the Hydrangea bush heavy so I helped myself to a few bouquets and one ended up on the front porch.
With camera in hand I thought I would get some pics of the Larkspur. I love Larkspur!

My favorite is the Periwinkle one. As the bloom ages it fades to several Periwinkle shades.
The rest of the morning garden stroll will be posted on my garden blog sometime this afternoon.It is cool and beautiful outside and I am getting antsy to start the day but wanted to leave you with a story and my surprise "pay off" this morning. As I continued through the garden and into the back near the hammock I discovered the black raspberries were ready. I gathered a handful and will go back with a bucket in a few minutes before the birds get them. I always leave some for them to enjoy a treat but this year I was pleased to discover them before they did...yes!

If dad were here he would have blue teeth because he loves raspberries. I do too but the red ones which should be ready soon are my favorite. They are softer and have a "real" raspberry flavor (to me). I also love blackberries but I have to go to my brother's house to pick them.

We sold out property (and coveted berry patches) to him so DS could go to our preferred schools and I miss walking the wooded acreage for hidden blackberry bushes. I swear they were the largest and sweetest blackberries I had ever seen. When DS was small I would pack peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and juice boxes and take him through the woods on a sunny day and we picked blackberries on our way to the duck pond hidden at the back edge of the property. We had 20 wooded acres and it was magical. Vivid purple Iris grew along the duck weed covered pond making it appear to be solid ground. On the North side we would sit on a large ,soft,bright green moss covered dome of earth .We would have lunch then our desert of berries as the sun surrounded this small spot . Afterward I would take out a jar and we would find huge tadpoles in the pond near the fallen logs to take home and observe for a few days before returning them to their sunny water spot that I miss so much. Being an only girl I spent so many hours in our woods imagining a fairyland life and this will remain with me to share with my grandchildren one day. I am thankful for those memories and for the opportunity to experience freedom as a child and getting to play as I wished and how a child should get to play. I wish that for every child. It is their right.
I'm off to explore a bit more in the garden and get to the berries before the birds do..... Enjoy your day!


  1. What a good mom! Your son's childhood sounds idyllic! I wish I could have raised my sons on a property like that!

  2. A lovely post about a lovely day. Beautiful home, equisiste flowers, great hat...would love to have it...and berries. Berries, how they bring such sweet delight to the tongue. Yes, a lovely day. Sea Witch

  3. It is the most glorious time of the day. Your pictures capture the peace and tranquilty perfectly.

  4. What a way to spend the early morning hours. Beautiful.

  5. Oh Pat you brought back such wonderful memories, we had "the Meadow" which was a huge piece of vacant land near the house and would spend hours there playing and just being kids enjoying all that nature offered. It's too bad that electronics have taken away so much from today's kids, they're really missing out on life.
    I totally agree about the morning song of birds. It's the perfect way to start a morning, relaxing and just listening to their symphony. Wonderful, beautiful post! Thank-you!

  6. Birdsong, sunshine, and morning berries! A morning stroll to pick berries was a favorite way to start the day at the family cottage. Wonderful memories. Love the sunlight and shadows on your home---such a beckoning call.

  7. Oh yum - those berries look SO good! We're guarding my red raspberries from the birds too (I don't mind sharing, but I'd at least like a few for myself!!). This year the plants are just loaded so there should be enough to go around. My few plants are a sign of love from my hubby because he absolutely hates them after having spent too many years as a child out in the hot sun picking them for his mother, who ran a small business with them.

  8. Pat, your home is beautiful in the early morning sunrise. There is something so special about sunrise and sunset, the golden tones of the sun and the long shadows...perfect for picture taking.

  9. Love your porch! And your garden is fabulous...I'd have to sit and meditate, I wouldn't get much done.
    And if you saw my house, you wouldn't think I did much anyway-LOL. Leslie

  10. What wonderful, wonderful post - it made me so very happy to read it.

  11. Such a beautiful story here. Dawn is a special time isn't it. You are a very creative woman Pat.Your garden is a wonderful testament to your hard work.

  12. Beautiful photos!!

  13. 1st time visitor - won't be my last. Love the golden glow of your home, the garden flowers, too, hot here for the larkspur, love the hat, I collect straw hats, and I agree every child should have a safe place to wander and explore, letting their imagination run free. thank you for sharing your morning with us.


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