Thursday, June 10, 2010

Antique mall, beach combing

Yesterday I had to run into town so I decided to stop at the Antique mall. I found a few goodies but my "prize" was an original Victorian frame that had a green glaze and was begging me to buy it.

 It is old and chippy and I love it. I am going to print a picture of DH and DS on fabric and crazy quilt around it to use in the frame. I hope to start this evening and finish in plenty of time for Father's Day.

I found a few other treasures...letters from 1924 to a woman in Valparaiso, a town next to Chesterton....I wish they were love letters but they are wonderful anyway. old jar with a green chippy lid to store lace.........

I had to take a pic of my porcelain Cupie standing in a wire cup with ribbons on old wooden spools.

  I received a treat from a sweet friend from Canada. Lace, buttons, fiber and beads.....Yum! Thank you Mary Anne. I will enjoy using these. The fiber will be fun to work with.

 Last night we took the bike out for a little ride. We drove by the docks to see if friends were on their boat but we didn't see them so we drove toward the Lake. The air was warm as we rode along the lakefront in Beverly Shores. People were gathering to watch the sunset. We will have to stop one evening and join them. I love watching the evening sky change colors and the large Fuchsia sun appears as if it had fallen into the lake. Mesmerized, you almost anticipate hearing a sizzle as it sinks out of sight.It happens pretty fast so you have to have your camera ready.
Early this morning I ventured off to the beach with mom. It was another beautiful day with blue skies and even bluer water and a slight breeze.
This is the top of mom's head as she makes her way toward the water.

Look at all the pebbles the strong winds brought to shore. These are the best conditions to find the mermaid tears..where there are lots of pebbles and after a storm or high winds.
A "greenie" waiting for me!

Evidence of a fun filled day at the beach. Reminds me of  the blissful days I spent with my little guy building sandcastles on this very same beach...many years ago. :-(

We found a lot of glass. No blue pieces but always a fun time. My sea glass is still in the back floor of the car, so no pictures yet.
We left the beach when the sun got too hot and headed to town for breakfast. We parked by Lake Palomar and watched the geese and goslings swim while we enjoyed our meal. It has been a great day so far. I am going to find a pic, gather fabrics and start the CQ for DH. I will share pics when finished!


  1. What a wonderful day you had it sounds blissful. The frame is beautiful and I can't wait to see your finished piece it sounds lovely. I just cannot get over the blue of the water!

  2. What a beautiful day...

    LOVE YOUR FRAME! I would soooooo have bought that, too!


  3. I really wish we lived close to the sea or even a lake. I'd be beachcombing all the time. Glad you liked your little goodie bag!

  4. Just looking at those pictures of the beach made me relax. Oh you were so lucky to find that sea glass. The frame will be lovely with what you described in it. I can't wait to see the completed project. Don't you love finding a treasure and know immediately what you will do with it.

  5. This just sounds like a perfect day! I adore treasures with each new wave! ~ Angela

  6. Lucky you. I'am a little bit jealous!
    with love,
    greetings from Holland,

  7. Oh my goodness. I have to look better. The treasure on your sidebar. I did buy some lace last week. Please look at my blog. I don't know how it's made. It's no frivolité.
    Do you know how they've made this?
    greetings from Holland,

  8. Beautiful new (old) things Pat! Sounds like a lovely day!

  9. Anonymous11:59 AM CDT

    OOOH, I love the frame,love the jar. What a fun day. Where ever did you find those darling lace 'bobbins'??!? They are soooo sweet!
    Suzie in Idaho

  10. Hi Pat, I was wondering if you could email me, My computer crashed and I lost allot of info. I was wondering where do you find the cards you wrap your lace around, they are beautiful... Also thank you for hte treasures you sent me. Always such a generous person. I look forward to hearing from you. hugs Lisa

  11. Those are beautiful and rare finds, Pat.. both in the antique shop and at the beach :-)

    I look forward to your finished project. Have a blessed weekend!

  12. Love the old frame, and as always, love hearing about the beachcombing adventures! Can't wait to see the glass and your new CQ. Have a great weekend.

  13. Wow Pat,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time in town, I simply love the picture frame and the vintage letters are a great find! Old storage jars are sometimes overlooked but don’t they just make the most wonderful place to store sewing goodies & with the added benefit you can see what is in them {:0)

    Hugs from across the pond.

  14. Oh, Pat, what a lovely day and such fun finds!


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