Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a difference a day makes

It has been rainy, cold and we haven't seen much sunshine lately so imagine my surprise when the sun popped out about 45 mins ago and I stepped outside to find it hot and humid. WOW! I'm itching to go to the beach but will wait until mom is available.
I am so excited!
Jilly asked me to join her for a trip into Chicago Saturday. We are going to Vogue fabrics and a bead shop and then.....drum roll please....we are going to Glen Ellyn to visit the shop,"Vintage Living"!!!! Last week when I browsed the new issue of Where Women Create ...
and saw the article on Rebecca Ersfeld's shop I about fainted. I told DH that I had to go there just once.  Her shop contains everything I love. When Jilly added that to the list yesterday I had to read the email twice, then squeal, then try to stay on the chair as I replied calmly that YES, I would love to check out the shop. :-} I didn't even tell her how infatuated I was with that thinks she must know me too well!

Jilly is taking a class with JBMontano at the end of the month and although I can't attend it with her, the chance to visit this shop is a fabulous comparable  treat to me. I haven't felt well the past two days so I am taking it easy just laying around so I will be ready for Saturday morning. I will have my camera so expect some cool pics....if I am not too excited and forget.
I'm going to take a little walk through the garden with Angell so catch ya later.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I am so jealous that you get to go there!! I have been drooling over that shop too!! Have a great day on Sat!


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