Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weekend extended...Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It feels like I've had a long weekend. Monday I had a great CQ class with a wonderful student. Lindy was such pleasant company. It was more like a visit from a friend than a class. We enjoyed a nice lunch break under the sun.  I'm excited that she is so enthusiastic about learning CQ and she is not intimidated with all the "options". She is a natural. Her block was beautiful and I think there are many projects ahead of Lindy :-)

Yesterday DH was off for Election day and worked on the front porch. I took mom to the beach early morning and didn't have much luck in the mermaid tear hunt however the stroll along the shore was relaxing as always. It was a beautiful sunny morning.

There goes my beach combing partner...
The only other person out there was an elderly man and his dog. I had to snap the picture of two pals enjoying this beautiful morning together.

Can you see my first glass find?

Although these are my scant findings  the peaceful  time spent along the shore rewarded me tenfold.
After the beach I stopped at Ellen's and met her student from AU. They are coming tomorrow for a visit and I am looking forward to hearing her beautiful Aussie accent again. Why can't we sound like that????? LOL.
I spent a few hours helping mom in the yard then headed home.

I found DH working hard on the porch so I decided to dye a few appliques and trims.It felt like Saturday so I took advantage besides, it's been a while since I dyed trims. I have so many appliques waiting for me and need to take the time to sit and paint. These are my results with some silk twist tossed in. It's a good start.

After my short dye session I had to get outside on such a nice day so I started to prime the railings which is not my favorite job. A coat of cream paint and I can mark that off my list. 
Since the weather was cooperating I thought I should not waste time and  began staining the took forever. I did enjoy sweet fragrances from various blooming trees as I sat and scooted along on my behind.
 I am naming it "The Green Mile". I didn't think I would ever finish and luckily I took the last swipe as darkness set in. The stain is not as bright as the pic shows. Raw wood was just too bright and it needed a protective coating of something it is!

I literally fell into bed after a soak in Lavender Epsom salt bath . I couldn't bend and every muscle ached. This morning my back isn't too bad but my right shoulder is pretty sore. However.....those tasks are behind me!

I took this pic of the new blooms on the Paulownia this morning. 
 I must get off here now because it is another gorgeous morning and I must get into something outside. Rain might hit us this afternoon.
Happy Cinco de Mayo.


  1. The Paulownia blooms reminds me of Jacaranda blooms. How pretty!

  2. All I could think about when you were describing scooting along on your backside was that I sure hoped there weren't any slivers!

  3. Hi Pat,
    Looks like you are as busy as ever... The beach looks so beautiful.... You are so lucky to have it nearby..The pieces you dyed are gorgeoso. Looking forward to seeing how you use them...
    Have a great day

  4. Oh my Pat! I am exhausted just reading all that you accomplished in just one day. My vitamins don't work that well. Happy creating...

  5. Your porch is looking great and if you ever need a paycheck you sure could hire out for painting. You really go girl. It is one thing I have never enjoyed doing. Making drapes, etc and decorating I love but not the paint job.

    Don't work too hard and hurt yourself.

    We are leaving for home Sat. and can't wait to get back and see the garden except the weather report said turning cold again next week. go figure.



  6. Hi Pat, Oh how I long to find some sea glass like that! I'm not near the ocean, but hopefully during one of my visits. For now...I buy the fake stuff. :-)

  7. You are an amazing bundle of energy and projects!!! What do you use to paint your trims? Do Fabrico markers work well and can one make them bleed by wetting the trims a bit first???? (When you ahve a sec!)


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