Saturday, May 08, 2010

Stitching weather

The weather has turned pretty cool around here. I will be taking advantage of the change during next few days and stitch indoors as much as possible. I bought a few goodies for the CQ and will enjoy applying them.

I had a nice visit with Ellen and her student , Ginny, the other day. It looks like it was the last warm sunny day for a while. Yesterday DH came home early and we shoveled and raked pea gravel then I cleaned the flower beds by the pool. All the Yucca plants will be removed because after they bloom they want to fall over which is unsightly. I didn't know they would multiply so quickly either. So, they will find a new home elsewhere in the yard.

This morning I had a dye class and watched as the ladies played with color and created beautiful silk ribbons and threads for their needlework projects. I think they had a good time and hope they enjoy their new stash.

I bought the new issue of Where Women Create and will start my Mother's Day early by having a glass of wine and browse the new mag with my feet propped up.

I wish all the Mother's reading this a superb Mother's Day and hope you find time to relax and enjoy your day.


  1. Hi Pat, hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!

  2. You must have gotten some of our weather; we had SNOW on our post-wedding break in OR! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Oh the new issue of Where Women Create is wonderful!!!! I just started it myself. Pat, I met the editor Jo Packham at the Art Event I just went to in Savannah & I can tell you she is the most amazing person in the world. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO down to earth real! Just a regular great gal. I will be doing a post about her, the hostess & 2 teachers next week but, let me tell you I looked forward to meeting her & it was over the top more wonderful than I had hoped. REAL! AMAZING! Enjoy your magazine & weekend. Happy Mothers Day. Charlene

  4. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. I'm going to work on my studio. Getting it is shape to match my new blog look. Karen is giving me a new face lift very soon.
    Hugs, Pat

  5. Sweet friend, A Happy Mother's Day to you too.

    I agree...i'ts perfect weather for stitching inside. Winter seems to be sneaking back for awhile, doesn't it.

    I took out my needles and threads yesterday for the 1st time in ages. It's so satisfying! I think I'll be working on more pears today with a twist...

    Have a lovely day!
    Warm hugs,

  6. And a wonderful Mother's Day to you as well. Happy relaxing...


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