Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reflecting on garden beginnings....

Sunday morning  I started to take a walk through the garden and as I stood looking at the growth I remembered how empty it was 20 years ago.
When we moved here I started a garden on the bare North side of the house not really thinking about the need for sunshine.There was a long empty field next to our property that we had planned on buying when it came available and it was flooded with sunshine daily so I assumed it always would be sunny. It was sold a few years later without our knowledge and the new owners built a house as close as legally possible to our property line. My hopes of continued privacy ended as I looked down from my son's bedroom window at the huge hole being dug for a house. When they took down the only tree, a big old Oak  along the road I knew these people didn't have respect for living in the country and I decided to enclose my garden and ensure I had privacy.
 As the neighbors house was being built I was busy planting two rows of American Arborvitae (fast growing evergreens) as close as I could get them to the property line.They grew amazingly quick and I was thrilled. We also installed a tall privacy fence behind the trees. No, I am not snooty.Yes, I like my privacy. Especially when I am lost in thought gardening and bending over to tend to plants. Who wants to be worried about eyes on you while trying to enjoy some nature? Not I! Besides, I had a four year old to protect from falling in the huge hole in the ground next door.

Through the past 20 years as the trees grew and the space filled up with anything and everything I could squeeze in there, I noticed I had created a perfect shade garden with some sunny areas for colorful perennials. The fern remains to spread like wild fire and fills any empty soil. It is a lush peaceful space perfect for unwinding,stitching and dreaming. I am pleased how it evolved through the years and I couldn't have planned anything close if I tried. Who knew the North side of the house would produce such growth?
 So what is blooming this week?  The large purple Iris at the entrance  which originated from  my great aunt who gave a start to mom when I was a little girl was in bloom. I love the veining and how they invite you to view the beauty within. I know Aunt Sylvia would be pleased to know her Iris found a home in my garden.

The Lily of the valley  that lives under the willow tree by the frog pond have spread quite a lot.....imagine how many fairies live within the lush green leaves and dangling creamy bells.
The fungus on the mulberry tree has returned. It is still an interesting growth to study up close. One year it had grown to seven layers. So far only three for now.

The old rose from my MIL has just begun to bloom....so fragrant!
The Forget me not is still in bloom between the house and workshop.
 The CQ workshop needs some decorating. I may put together a large honeysuckle wreath for under the gingerbread.I do know I want to add more gingerbread to the screen door. Inside I will be stringing tiny white lights.
I planted a few flowers for instant color which will bring this post to a close because I am more sleepy than usual possibly from the morning tree clean up.
Sweet dreams!


  1. I enjoy rambling with you through your garden!The annuals are lovely for just a splash of colour to comlement the greenery!

  2. It is truely amgical and amazing how much we can modify our environment if we plant appropriate plants and let things grow where they wish. You ahve created an amazing oaisis for your family Pat!! Thanks for taking us along on your wander!!!My lily of the valley passed so quickly in early heat and the iris are not sticking around either due to heat and high wind- every season is indeed a new adventure!!!!

  3. I meant to tell you that you have the very same ferns I have! Do you know the name? I transplanted mine from my dad's place after he passed on. They didn't grow well the first place I put them but once I moved them into more sun, they are everywhere and even in places I don't want. LOL! I gave a bunch to my sister last year and I don't think it diminished my growth at all.

  4. Pat, I'm so jealous! Your garden looks so lush! The only flowers I have up are the bleeding hearts (just barely), daffodils, crocus, Lily of the Valley (just barely). I think the rabits and deer ate all the tulips... we have the cutest baby bunnies running around our yard...

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos. So lovely to see all the flowers.

  6. Such a magical space. I adore it. Lily of the Valley remind me of childhood and always make me smile. I have wanted to try to stitch some.


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