Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick clean up

Lucky for us DH's brother from CA was still in town from Mother's day and he helped us with the tree clean up. We just finished minutes ago and we are soaked and I'm freezing but too tired to go up to take a bath....I will in a bit, after lunch. No roof damage thank goodness. Just a few of the globe arborvitae along the front walk have broken centers and my concrete birdbath has expired. I got in a good exercise this morning raking and pulling branches!!! Hey hey!  As you can see clean up only traces of saw dust  and a large tree wound..
I hosed down the deck and walkway and will let the wind deal with the additional leaf debris.
This same tree lost a huge limb on the West side last year and it destroyed my two chairs. No sign of raccoons. DH climbed up and looked in the hollow of the tree and nothing was there. I was glad we didn't find any dead ones. It must have scared the mother as they slept in the other section of the tree and they took off. It was still dark when it fell so I didn't see them escape, just the one heading toward me from another tree. Ok, I won't bore you anymore with this. It is all taken care of and now I need to fix lunch and relax with a cup of tea and bubble bath. Later taters.


  1. What a mess-I'm glad it didn't do any damage, other than to the poor tree. I hope the tree is stable now. Leslie

  2. So glad the damage to your things was mild. Hopefully this old tree will stop losing limbs. I love how you painted your walkway green. Maybe you can find another birdbath soon.

  3. I should think that that's enough 'excitement' to last you another year! I remember reading an older post when you had a mammoth tree clear up project.

    You look as though you have a HUGE garden - how wonderful. I imagine you living in the middle of a wood - like Goldilocks!

    Have a peaceful week - and hope you don't ache too much after all that exercise.

  4. Awww....I hate losing trees, but I hate losing parts of my house too. I hope your newly finished porch wasn't damaged too much. Sounds like you got everything pretty much cleaned up and now you have an excuse to get a new birdbath!

  5. Very thankful all is well. Surprising you got so much cleaned up so quickly. A cozy cup of tea is in order.


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