Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Poppy in bloom!

I just finished mowing and it started to sprinkle....darn weather men! What happended to chance of rain this evening??? Oh well, I should stitch a bit anyway but before I do I wanted to share Mr. Poppy with you.
 He first bloomed  Monday morning just before Lindy arrived. The outer part of the poppy dropped off and a chipmunk was trying to steal a piece of it,LOL. It was gone later so he must have accomplished his task. I wonder why he wanted a poppy casing? Do they eat them?

I'm off to grab a needle!


  1. Very pretty!I love how pedally they are. (pedally is not a word, but it describes it well!)oxoxo Zinnia

  2. I was told when the poppies bloom winter is over!!! So glad too long of a winter this year.

  3. I was thinking of poppies too. I was looking at those lovely Tiffany stained glass lamp shades and one of my favourites is the oriental poppy. These in your garden are so lovely.

  4. GORGEOUS! One of my favorites. We are behind you in our weather here and I will be purchasing an Oriental Poppy for my front yard. The deer won't eat them. I haven't forgotten your little treasure, it has just been a very busy week.

  5. Such a gorgeous poppy! That silly chipmunk! Our squirrels eat geraniums, daffodils, crocus and cherry blossoms... so perhaps your little guy has a taste for poppies! This one sure does look good enough to eat! Beautiful!


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