Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Iris in bloom!

I made a cup of tea this morning and took a walk on the new walkway from the front porch to the back deck and found a wonderful surprise. The second Iris I purchased last year is in bloom. I had forgotten what color it was and was delighted when I saw this beauty....
Nature certainly knows how to combine colors! The Iris' really made a show this year. I am anxious to add a few new colors to my collection this Fall.

Change is good, I really love how the porch is now exposed. I was comfy sitting on the swing stitching  hidden from the world behind huge evergreens but now with the overgrown Globe Arborvitae removed I am enjoying the birds and new planting area. After replacing the birdbath with a duplicate I added a double shepherds hook which holds two bird feeders which stay busy with quite a colorful array of birds. The birdsong in the morning is unbelievable.
I am very pleased with the new entrance redo. I planted two flower boxes to add some life and color. DH did
a great job on the walkway and porch railings. I think it is time for him to relax. My "Honey-do" list is cleared.
The rose bush by the Summer kitchen is so fragrant that it is impossible for me to walk by without taking a long sniff. What they lack in form, they make up for in scent. Actually I like a flat rose because they remind me of the wild roses that I picked as a girl on my country bike rides. The hot Summer sun heated the petals on the wild roses growing along the ditches and the scent was so intense as you rode by. I picked my share that's for sure!

 The same rose is in the back garden over the archway and fills the entire garden with its aroma. I stood under the arch this evening inhaling while wishing everyone could smell what I was experiencing.
I wish they would bloom during the entire gardening season. But then I guess I wouldn't look forward to them as much. As my Govt. teacher always said,"Everything in moderation". Words to live by.

I picked up this fuzzy little plant without a name. Does anyone know what it is? It looks like clover in a way. It is a perennial.
It is purple, I had to have it!

The weekend is almost here and the weather looks promising. I must get some pics of the CQ to share. I am anxious to work on new projects and have many lined up. Now that the yard work is done and the house practically cleans itself (wishful thinking) I will be doing a lot of stitching on the swing and in the garden starting next week. Time again to exhale.......................
Have a good one!


  1. I have to admit that the old-fashioned single roses have to be one of my very favourite flowers. They smell so heavenly! The newer roses, although showier, just don't have the aroma. Ours aren't in bloom yet. Think we're about two weeks away.

  2. Very elegant iris, Pat. I love the colors, your porch is so pretty and your yard is popping with beatiful things. Thanks for sharing that iris!!!Diane

  3. I think I know what that plant is. Later I'll take a photo and put on my Blog, but as far as I can tell it is Ptilotus exaltus(Joey)." It is an Australian native plant 20-30 cm.Requires full sun.Heat and drought tolerant.Water moderately until established, making sure plant is kept moist but not wet. Remove spent flowers to promotwe new flushes."

  4. Just a gorgeous iris!

  5. Oh, don't you love iris "season?" Your blue and yellow is such a lovely color combination! The rose is beautiful - what a gorgeous pink! Wish my screen was "scratch-n'-sniff!" Your DH sure does deserve some long rests on your new porch - those railings are wonderful! Lovely walkway, too!!

  6. Your porch looks beautiful and inviting! I so wish I had a porch!

    One of my coworkers brings in Iris's all the time and she has one variety that is a deep deep merlot color - looks nearly black. Then she has some all ivory irises and they look stunning together.

    I would have guess your unknown plant to be a butterfly bush but I don't know for sure.

  7. Oh your iris is gorgeous! And your porch looks so quaint and cozy! I think the fuzzy plant is called a lamb's ear, I have it all over my yard, it tends to spread easily, but it's so soft and fuzzy!


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