Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here we go again..........

The huge Maple tree in the front yard lost another limb. Unfortunately the limbs are the size of a tree. Yesterday I withstood the cold weather and painted the front porch floor and placed a flower container planted with pansies on the newly painted front railing. I swept the new walkway and was satisfied to see the welcoming updated entrance. That was short lived because this morning at 5:00 I heard what I thought was thunder until the thump followed a few seconds later. I ran to the kitchen and this is what I saw.........
Well hello Mr. Maple! Good morning to you too! Yes, another downed Maple limb from the old fella in the front yard. It is sadly slowly falling apart. I'm sure it is at least 100 yrs old. This place is over 130 yrs old .
I opened the door and heard the screeches of raccoons. There is a family that resided in that tree and apparently that limb. Poor things, I hope they are all alive. I'm not going to investigate because they are not as friendly as they look.

I phoned DH so he wouldn't freak out when he came home to see the front porch devoured by the limb. It is raining hard and we have strong winds so I waited until the wind let up a bit before venturing out to snap some pics.
Yes, that is one limb with lots of branches. I didn't see any damage on the roof, porch or railing however I bet my bird bath bit the dust. I I wanted to look closer but I spotted a raccoon walking toward me from the tree in the corner yard so I backed away and ran inside. It looked like the mother. She is probably hunting her babies. 

So, if anyone is in the area and has a chain saw, I'm sure DH would appreciate any help. :-)
Have a great day! You know I'll  be busy.


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  2. NANI said...
    Oh my! That was a close call to the roof of your home. Goodness. I am grateful you weren't hurt .... hope the raccoons clear out in a couple hours. they bite!

    Maybe easier to deal with once the rain moves out of our area.

  3. Hi Pat, I'm glad you and your house are okay! Nasty weather, isn't it? I'm worried about my basement getting wet.

  4. Bummer! Sure glad it missed your house though. It's a really huge chunk; maybe you should have an arborist check the tree?

  5. What a beautiful house you have, I'm so glad the limb missed it. Sorry to see an old tree fall apart, I love them and the stories they could tell. I hope clean up goes well for you. Jenna Louise

  6. Thankful nothing worse happened to your home or you. Racoons can be very mean so you were smart to run back into the house. Hope all is well. A spot of tea should help...not the tree but at least you and DH.

  7. Oh Pat I am so glad you & the house are OK! YIKES what a scary thing. It is a HUGE LIMB. It will take hubby awhile to get that out of there. Poor coons. But, you are right about staying away. Sorry you won't be having a fun creative day. Stay safe.

  8. That had to have been so scary! We had an entire maple tree sheer off in the wind a few years ago (big tree too) and fortunately the only things that got damaged where both ours and the neighbours clotheslines were trashed. If it had fallen the other way, our brand new car would have been toast. Really, really lucky and I'm sure you feel the same way right now. The mess you can deal with, as long as you're okay.

  9. that's more like a whole tree! I feel bad for the racoons, I hope they survived as well as the house did!

  10. The dear old tree must be coming to the end of its life.What a shock though! Its scary when you hear that sickening "crack" when a huge tree branch comes down.Then all the horrible clearing up.I hate the sound of the chainsaw!I'm a bit of a tree lover.
    Our gum trees in Oz are inclined to just shed huge limbs.

  11. Oh bummer! Glad it didn't do any damage to your house!


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