Friday, May 28, 2010

Breakfast with Freda

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Freda, well I had breakfast with Freda in spirit as she lives in IL and I in IN. Finishing up numerous and exhausting home projects and a rental paint job for my MIL had left me longing for simple pleasures such as tea time. What did I receive in the mail two days ago but a tea surprise from my dear friend Freda. A collection of yummy Tea of Life teas in those beautiful pyramid tea boxes.
This morning I roamed the yard and cut a few Siberian, old fashioned, and bearded Iris the a few daisies for a bouquet before I sat down to a cup of tea, toast, Swiss cheese, and sweet cherries and thought of Freda's sweet gift and how she always seems to surprise me with such wonderful treats.

Thank you so much for a wonderfully welcome surprise which I will continue to enjoy long after the last tea is gone. You are such a sweet and thoughtful friend.
Of course Angell was nearby because she loves cherries! Little beggar got a hair cut...... she looks like a puppy again. The way she sits with her back legs under her just cracks me up. Could you resist not sharing with her with that "poor me" expression?
After we had our snack we landed on the swing and enjoyed the sunshine as we watched people go to school and work then decided to check out a few yard sales in the neighborhood. Angell loves a car ride. The last sale had some beautiful tea sets but I have no business buying more so I constrained myself to purchasing a few fun items to play with instead.The old cellulose album and vintage music book were freebies. I will try to copy the vintage photo and post for you to use if you wish.
After spending an enjoyable morning I am gathering my CQ supplies and heading out to the garden to stitch a while. DH may be home early today to start a long weekend. I hope you enjoy yours.


  1. Seeing your yard sale finds makes me want to get out of the house and hunt. Trying to sort things out around here before I bring in more. Angell is a cutie that is funny how she sits like a little person.

  2. I went to a yard sale during my lunch that I had spied going in to work this morning. I bought a very nice sewing basket that I absolutely don't need, but it had a tin of buttons in it that I WANTED. heheheh...I love garage sales! At another I bought a set of lace curtains (remember Sally's question about yours?) that I'm hoping will work for her. If not, I'll find a use.

  3. Angell is SO CUTE!!!!! Lovely friend and the breakfast looks lovely. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful day. I love your lace background - very pretty.

  4. Hi Pat

    Even though I don't like flavored teas the colors of those little boxes just tickle me. I think I will buy me a set just to look at on the counter.




  5. Such a lovely way to start the day... a beautiful breakfast with cherries and tea! Yummmm. And fresh flowers!
    Got so tickled seeing Angell and her "sit" posture - adorable!

  6. Neatly and cutely packaged tea :-)

    Angell is a cutie. Can I have a cup and a toast for being your 300th follower? Nice to be here. You and your blog are adorable.


  7. What a wonderful tea party! Those tea bags look interesting. Angell is sure cute and I'm surprised she likes cherries. Enjoy your holiday.

  8. what fun and congraduation on the 300 th follower! Have a great weekend

  9. I recall enjoying similar teas from a certain someone ~ your kindness is just bouncing off and coming back to you! And the Angell ~ her cuteness factor is off the charts!I think Teddi is in love ;)


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