Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful shop...beautiful day!

I started this post yesterday (Sunday) however DH called and I went to see what he wanted then got side tracked and went to mom's and ended up working in her yard for 4 hours, came home and continued working in mine until evening. We cut out the damaged bushes from the fallen limb and I am in the process of planting a few flowers and grasses in that area. I was so tired last night I just cleaned up and went to bed. I was going to continue this post this morning but ran errands instead so I'm just getting around to it..whew!This morning when I looked out I didn't recognize the place. So open, I think I like it.

So anyway...let's start at the beginning.
Saturday's trip to Illinois with Jilly was fun and although we stopped many places, I wasn't exhausted when I arrived home. Surprising!
Our first stop was Vintage Living in Glen Ellyn. We were both in love at the first sight of the front window...
Rebecca certainly knows what to look for on her treasure jaunts. The place was filled with amazing finds. Jilly wanted to move into this was dressed in  pale Aqua/Teal with amazing vintage lace curtains above the headboard.
I wanted to move into the front window where the sunlight bathed the garden themed offerings.
Everything was so uniquely packaged as if intended for special friends. If I didn't hate my picture taken so much I would have asked a customer to get one of the three of us. I did snap this one of the beautiful Rebecca cutting ribbons.

I found some treasures although it was hard not to break down and buy many beautiful things. I almost bought a pair of vintage lamp shades except I didn't have lamps for them,LOL. My finds included some pink vintage crystals, wine ribbon flower brooch, vintage lace, two tiny salt shakers to make beaded necklaces with and some pretty pink ribbon for tiny ribbon florets for the CQ I'm working on.

As we were leaving Rebecca gave both of us a beautiful Lacy cream fabric posy brooch which was such a sweet unexpected surprise.
 Thank you Rebecca for allowing us to browse your shop wide eyed and with open mouths. I hope we didn't drool on anything too much. It was so worth the trip. I know we will be returning soon for something Jilly can't live without.

Our next stop was Chicago beads where a few seed beads were added to my collection along with a few crystals for special spider projects.

Then we stopped a a few yard sales on our way to Evanston to visit Vogue Fabrics. I picked up a few more silk Dupioni's and some trims and bits.

Hunger and headaches began to set in so we went to Whole foods for pizza....we found some treats too. This beautiful purple rose is icing on a cupcake.
I can't believe it but neither of my guys have touched it yet,LOL. Maybe they think it is too girly???? I just wanted a picture of it,LOL.

 Our last stop was Home Goods but neither of us found anything  we needed...many things we wanted but we didn't "go there".
The ride home seemed quick and the day was really nice and satisfying with great weather for a little road trip.
Thanks Jilly!
It has been drizzling here all day so I took the day off and browsed magazines and watched TV...yep..lazy bones Pat was my label today and I enjoyed it immensely.
Have a great evening and if you get anywhere near Glen Ellyn, Vintage Living is a must see.


  1. Thank you for sharing your shopping day as I certainly won't be getting to Glen Ellyn any time soon. Your purchases are all lovely and I know you will put them to beautiful use. Happy creating...
    P.S. I think your cupcake is sad that nobody is eating it. LOL

  2. Lucky you. What a dreamy shop. I would be drooling too!

  3. And a good time was had by all.....What a great day you got to share with a good friend. The shop looked lovely and all the other goodies you found will be fun to use as well. Glad you had such a good day.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! You picked up some real treasures... the salt shakers, vintage rose and tatted lace - and the cupcake - all look yummy!

  5. What fun!! I LOVE that pink ribbon!! I wish there were some really great shops around here, but not so many anymore. But you look like you did good. I'm adopting you so I can get you to spend 4 hrs working at my house-LOL.
    Hugs Leslie

  6. Hi Pat, it sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday. I'm going to Vogue in Evanston on Wednesday (I hope!). I love that store!

  7. Pat, it sounds like you have a lovely day.

  8. You sure put some mileage on your car with this trip! But it seems it was well worth it. Love all your purchases...especially love the dupionis from Vogue.

  9. You sure put some mileage on your car with this trip! But it seems it was well worth it. Love all your purchases...especially love the dupionis from Vogue.

  10. Oh how awesome!!! That's it! I moving there! What a fabulous shop! How far are you from Chicago? Marva

  11. Lovely additions to your stash Pat! Looks like you have a really nice day!

  12. I have just visited your blog for the first time and have so enjoyed your adventures! Your artwork is divine! If I were to choose goodies, the color palette you have posted would be just my pick! Hope your weekend is lovely. ~ Angela


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