Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach morning

Yesterday I spent the morning painting another rental duplex for my MIL. The previous tenants left it in pretty good shape which made it a much easier task to deal with. Last night I planted a few perennials in front and finished moving the pea gravel. I'm so glad that part is behind me.

This morning I stopped to get mom and we enjoyed a beach hunt. We both found quite a lot of glass and I found two blue pieces.

Mom won the prize, she found a large green chunk.
Time to say farewell till next time.

It is supposed to be in the 80's for three days so we won't be heading to the beach until next week when we plan on taking a little trip to MI.
DH came home a few minutes ago and is working on the last part of the sidewalk where it will connect to the back deck. I have the new front porch to prime and paint and the stain the sidewalk when he is through...then I am through and it will be time to open the pool. After all the Spring projects, I think I deserve to float the rest of the Summer.....well, most of it anyway :-)

The Iris are really big and bold this year.
I wish they lasted as long as the forget-me-not.
They have been blooming almost two months. I love the purple buds and blue tiny.

Yesterday I captured this little guy on the phlox.
They smell so sweet who could resist taking a break on a cluster of purple petals.

The cinnamon fern are now over 5' tall. A few are over my head and I am 5"7".
I have a new "lazy day" spot in the back garden. A new cotton hammock and a bed of pea gravel under a Red-bud tree and across from the sweet smelling roses and Sweet shrub, or Sweet Bessie as dad called it.  (Calycanthus) The fragrance compares to a cantaloupe melon. It makes me hungry every time I smell it.
This quiet spot tucked away in the back part of the garden behind the CQ studio gets morning and day shade and evening sun....ahhhhhh...nappy time! I have a candle chandelier to hang on a limb for evening slumber which I will add citronella candles to. All I need is my iPod and a quilt. Of course I can't forget Angell.

I see the wind has picked up so I am headed outside to put away my garden tools. Have a great evening.


  1. So much fun to look for sea glass and other treasures on the beach. We have a lake nearby that was drained for dam repair. I was able to walk around on places I'll probably never see again. I found sea or should I say lake glass and even a bottle that was intact. Great fun simple pleasures.

  2. That's simply beautiful! Sorry to be so dense, but where are you finding this sea glass? Michigan? I think we've talked about this before, but oh how I would love to find something like that somewhere one day! Of course...gotta get outta Vegas first! LOL By the way those forget me knots are beautiful! I love those colors together...I wonder if they would grow here in a pot?

  3. Pat, I'll bet you've been eagerly awaiting beach weather again! I so miss living near the ocean.
    Wonderful finds...!

  4. Oh my, you are a busy lady! So much work to do... hope you set aside time to create - maybe using that beautiful sea glass??

  5. So when do you plan to lay around in the hammock? I was just reading your blog and I got tired. You're one energetic gal. What a lovely day on the beach. Diane

  6. Pat you have such a beautiful garden and yard!!! Do your forget-me-nots come back every year? Mine have not so I have to plant some seeds, I love those tiny blue flowers! I plan on pressing some once I get them going. I think they'd look awesome on cards or framed...

  7. Pat the hammock looks so inviting. I can see all the work you have put into your garden. I shall have to find a cinnamon fern. It sounds wonderful.

  8. Pat, you always make me smile with the beach glass posts. My family has a contest every year who can find the 'best' piece. Your garden looks divine, hope you find many spare minutes to enjoy your little corner of heaven.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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