Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a break from mowing and picked up mom for a ride to a local nursery. I was in search of a couple new Iris' to add to the beauties I bought last year. We stopped at two places and only found one curly deep purple Iris which I made mom take because we will be working on her Iris bed next week and she needed a pick me up.
We stopped at a few yard sales on the way home but nothing much offered. I just don't need anymore "junk" and they didn't have beads or lace so.....
I decided to drive home through the country and am glad I did. Look what we found.
I don't think that little black sheep (lamb)has any wool to spare. The little black lamb was so cute and looks like he was well protected. It turned out to be a fun excursion. I worked in the yard the rest of the evening and slept well.

This morning I am going to visit the "Vintage Living" shop in Glen Ellyn, IL with Jilly. We are going there before the bead and fabric shops so we don't run out of time....we tend to get side tracked if ya know what I mean????
I hope you all have a great day and I will be thinking of you! ;-} If you don't hear from me again...I have taken up residence in Glen Ellyn.


  1. The real black sheep of the family! Great pictures Pat, have a fun day!

  2. You and Jilly will have a wonderful day exploring. Looking forward to the pictures. Such an adorable little black sheep. Happy shopping...

  3. Those pics of the sheep are very cute, they look so content and relaxed. Love the little black guy. You have fun!

  4. Looks like you found some joy for the day. Enjoy the weekend. Diane

  5. The little black lamb is so sweet. Have a fun trip with your friend. Back to gardening or should I say weeding....

  6. What a treat! Hope you had fun!

  7. Hi Pat
    I just wanted to stop by and say what a pleasure it was to meet you and Jilly today. I had such a great time with you both, please come and see me again... since I am chained to the desk and can't go to IN. Hope you found some good beads!
    Have a great Sunday

  8. That little black lamb is so adorable! What a fun side excursion... looking forward to seeing iris bed pictures next week!

  9. Sounds like you had a fun day planned!

    Where is the bead shop located? Is there one in Glen Ellyn?

  10. Nothing cuter than a little lamb. We have some down the street and I love it when they are out in the front field where I can see them from the road.


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