Friday, April 23, 2010

This and that

Spring is hopping around here. I'm fortunate the weather has permitted me to work in the yard/garden and happy to see the mulch pile is diminishing quickly. That is a good thing! I am looking forward to just sitting , stitching and enjoying conversation with friends in the garden after I put away the shovels, gloves and garden wagon.
Earth day (yesterday) brought me a fragrant gift. I opened the back door and discovered the lilacs are blooming and so fragrant. I stood for a few moments just sniffing the air.
 They usually bloom in May so this is a welcome treat.

 Gina, a sweet woman and fellow blogging friend  stopped by to meet me and see where the dye class will be held, brought me a beautiful tatted angel.

Just before she arrived the mail lady delivered a package of beautiful tatted items from my dear friend Wendy, of Singapore. It was nice to share Wendy's work with another tatter.

Aren't those amazing? Thank you so much Wendy and Gina, such beautiful and delicate work.

Another package arrived this week from my CQ pal Pam. She embellished an angel  figurine for me and made the beautiful glittery card.
Thank you for thinking of me Pam. This will be placed in my china cabinet.

Last night I went to pick up Angell( our spoiled long haired Chihuahua) to take her upstairs with me while I rode the bike for a while she growled and would not put down her bone treat. She has allergies and her little nose was running yet she refused to let go of her bone. It was comical I  had to snap a few  pictures. (Sorry about the nose drip, this was not photo shopped)

Her tiny teeth had a death grip on the edge and look at her expression....she means business. Too funny.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow which is fine because I am taking a break and hanging out with my pal Laney. I have no idea what we will get in to but I'm sure it will be a fun adventure.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gotta love that death grip on the bone! I can identify with the 'drip' too, because my allergies are full blow too. TWO beautiful angel(l)s in one post!!

  2. You're very welcome Pat. Looks like you received some lovely gifts this week.

    Love your sweet little Angell! What a pretty!


  3. Sounds like another dog I know...
    Angell is sooo cute. Is she pom? Lucky you to have lilacs, I can't wait for ours. Diane

  4. By the look on Angell's face she must have thought you could certainly go get yourself another bone and not bother hers. LOL
    What wonderful tatting and such precious gifts. I would love to learn tatting...of course with a dozen other things I want to learn to do. :o) Happy creating...

  5. Aww Angell, so cute! I know how those allergies can be, but, like Angell, you just can't let them get you down! I'm off to see some of your older posts!
    Thanks for following my blog.
    G'nite Becca

  6. She is soooo cute, Pat! Those eyes!!

    The tatting is lovely. I think it was once an almost-lost art but seems to be thriving once again.

    You're a bit ahead of us with your weather and we are actually early this year by two weeks. The lilacs aren't quite out yet but the apple blossoms are and we've had frost every night so I don't know how our apples will fare. We'll miss free apple pies if they don't fruit again this year. It was such a treat the year before - our very first harvest.

    Enjoy your weekend, sweet lady,

  7. Thanks for the lovely mention. Your little dog is so entertaining!

  8. OH I can't take ~ she is SOOOO beautiful!!!!! I couldn't help but think of farmville ~ Angell with her treat for the day ;)


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