Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mermaid tears story..for Caryl

Legend has it when sailing ships ruled the oceans of the world, sailors exchanged stories in port of beautiful exotic sea creatures. These graceful maidens swam with ships and held the power of waves and the luck of the sailors in their hands.

One dark, storm ravaged night, with sails ripping and masts cracking, a schooner fought to find safety in a Cove. The ship was familiar to the mermaid who swam along its side…she had weathered many crossings with the ship and it’s captain for with whom she had fallen in love with. As the ship heeled in the violent wind, the captain lost hold on the wheel, tumbling perilously close to the raging sea. In an instant, the mermaid calmed the wind and tamed the waves, changing the course of nature and saving the life of a man she loved.

For her impetuous act, Neptune banished the sobbing mermaid to the ocean depths, condemning her for eternity never to surface or swim with the ships again. To this day, her gleaming tears was up on the beaches as beach glass…crystalline treasures in magic sea colors, an eternal reminder of true love.


  1. Pat, it's always such a delight to find their tears, isn't it!

  2. Beautiful post, love this.

  3. I love this legend. All the years we sailed the Gulf Islands and the San Juans I felt there was someone guiding us besides the orcas. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Hi Pat! What a fabulous story!!!

  5. I love finding mermaid tears but never knew the story. Thank you for sharing. Also love your mermaid!!!!

  6. Nice story, Pat! I'd not heard it before.

  7. Hi Pat.

    Just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you so much for casting your vote for my work on the MWO challenge for this month.
    I appreciate it a lot. This is only my second piece of work that I've put up the challenge and I'm really thrilled by the number of votes I received!!
    I had a peek at your sites, and I have to say that you do such beautiful work especially with your crazy quilting. Just gorgeous.

    I'm doing this here in your comments cos, for some reason, has a problem accepting email from me here in Australia! :) Had the same problem once before with someone else with comcast.

    (p.s. not sure if you're aware that all the above comments in Chinese seem to be all separate links for newspapers or similar with some very strange words in amongst it all. My comments bar came up with a translate button, so I clicked it!!)

  8. A very enchanting legend. Thank you for sharing.


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