Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Insomnia equals creativity

I can't say insomnia is all bad, I finished the last three of the Inner Child dolls I had ready to assemble early this morning from 2:00 to 4:30.

They all received a tag so they will remember where they came from :-).

 Then I spent 3 1/2 hours assembling pouches and packaging them and bidding them farewell.

 They will go in a basket in the studio until listed in my etsy and Artfire shops or to  whomever else finds them a delight .They will be $20 including US shipping. I can't ship outside the US because customs rips them apart :-(
Speaking of Etsy shops, My talented friend Pam has filled her shop with the most delightful Spring pretties. Tags, crazy quilted boxes,CQ kitty dolls (exquisite), brooches...oh my! You must go have a look.....

I need to order more lavender and feet charms because when I start making these little fellas I can't stop.Now it is time to clean up my mess and do a bit more stitching on the CQ. Today is warm and overcast...perfect for porch swing stitch session! Have a good one!


  1. These are so sweet and precious. Diane

  2. What little cuties! They look like bundle babies!

    Pat, where do you buy your lavender? I get mine from popko on etsy in bulk from Provence. If you have a better source, please let me know? Thank you! I still have plenty but for next time...


  3. Delightful Dollies Pat!!! I really love the little one with wings! i hope taht you got a good nap in in the afternoon!! I am going to start getting up when I can't sleep- I hate insomnia!!
    I ahve been inside since noon as the temp hit 92 today!!!!!!!!! This is April and it is far too hot!!!!!!!!! My primroses will not be around for long at this rate!!

  4. Oh my, I'm tired thinking about all the work you did in the middle of the night. And such beautiful little dolls. There was 6 of hail in Coloma last night-glad it missed St. Joe. Leslie

  5. Your inner beauty dolls are all amazing and beautiful. I am certain they are much more fabulous in person. Happy creating...

  6. Beautiful Pat! It's funny, I woke up at 2 a.m and didn't go back to sleep until 4, ended up watching a movie.

  7. These are so beyond cute Pat! I wish now that I had gotten up night before last and done something creative instead of lying there gnashing my teeth listening to DH snoring up a storm. It sure would have been a lot more fun!!

  8. Your Inner Child Dolls are so pretty. A Lot of work. I know all about that this week. I love all the colors you used. There is so much detail. Now, I'm off to visit your friend you told us about. Charlene

  9. Pat, I have always ADORED your Inner Child dolls and these are absolutely gorgeous! My little winged one is still tucked tightly into my pearl lampshade so that she won't fly away. I see her every day and she makes me smile...

  10. These are so stinkin' cute!

  11. They are all so precious!

  12. Pat, thank you so much for mentioning my Etsy shop. You are so sweet!

    And your inner child dolls are absolutely precious! I love them all!

    Yes, I should start getting up and stitching instead of laying on the bed watching TV. More fun and more production!


  13. Hello Pat,
    Just had to say what a delightful selection of little dolls you have created, well worth being awake at night for, I think night is a good time to create as you don't get any distractions!
    Keep creating your wonderful art,
    Pam x

  14. Pat these are sooooooo cute. It makes me wonder what my inner child would look like, I love these. :o)

  15. Pat I so love your comfort dolls...they are so peaceful looking!
    I tried making one like you do and it flopped horribly...I guess I have to stick with the sewing machine and stuffing...lol!

  16. Wow, you just really RAN with this !!!


    ps. LOVE the envie idea !

  17. I would love to know where the story is about the mermaid tears. Pat I so love your work, precious.


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