Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gardening and stitching.....where does the time go?

I've been taking advantage of last weeks beautiful weather and worked outside every day possible taking many water breaks. It hit the 80's here and boy was it hot moving mulch into the flower beds. Early mornings on the front porch swing and evenings on the back porch glider I worked on the CQ and during the day it was outdoor time. Each night when my head hit the lavender scented pillow I was out like a light. I couldn't wish for better spent days.
A few additions to the CQ...more pics on the CQ blog in a few minutes.

Wed I discovered the Wisteria I had planted by the front porch had blooms for the first year in many, many years of hoping for just one bloom. I am watching it carefully to capture the day they bloom on camera and do a happy dance.

I can't believe I finally have blooming Wisteria!
In a few years it will frame the front porch and when I look out I will see purple blooms dripping from the ceiling like fringe from a lampshade.

DH has been working on the front porch railing. He replaced the spindles we tore down two years ago and next he will be building the railings for the formal entrance which has never been finished. When we bought the house the steps were missing and two huge evergreens enclosed the front door. It will be something new and something to get used to as well.

Plants are starting to bloom and the grass is so green that I can't help but smile and take a deep breath when I step outside each morning for garden tasks. This Forsythia bush greets me as I enter the garden with a sunny HELLO!

The Bleeding heart is amazing this year. It tripled in size...this is a small area of the one under the composter.
I was so excited to discover the Primrose from my garden friend, Elizabeth, was doing so well.

It must love acidic soil. I hope it blooms :-)
These yellow plants which I will never remember the name of, seem to have come up overnight.
 As you can see, everything is so green and healthy this Spring.....see???? When we are so sick of Winter and cursing the rainy days we must remember that snow and rain make for a colorful Spring garden.

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh poo - 80 degrees? We had snow flurries today!! I don't LIKE snow flurries and I'm totally jealous of your being able to sit outside and stitch (altho - to be completely honest, I can't sit outside because of my allergies, but it's nice to think that I COULD if I was able to!). Sigh. (Nice CQ btw)

  2. I can't believe everything is so in bloom and beautiful since I saw it. And your quilt is so beautiful. It's so cold here today I can't believe you had such warm day. Love your pictures-thanks for sharing!! Leslie

  3. Your quilt looks absolutely delicious Pat!

    The Wisteria? Sometimes you buy them and they have "forced" blooms,,,but generally take 7 years to mature and actually bloom! And they LOVE abuse,,,,cut it Waaaay back after it blooms and you'll get even more growth next year. And then,,,,,,you'll be wanting an industrial strength pergola or arbor! I had to have a new one built last year.

    Rain, rain rain here today, but then again, I live in Washington State!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Beautiful quilt and your flowers are so pretty. I enjoy your blog a lot. Diane

  5. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

    I loved seeing the pictures of all the spring flowers. Sue told me her bleeding heart was huge and covered with flowers. I have 2 - one under the kitchen window and one in the shade garden. This is when I start getting itchy to get home and out in the garden. I do not garden down here. Just pots and hanging plants and don't want to.
    Just doesn't seem the same as back home.



  6. Amazing you're only 3 hours from me, and you have so many beautiful blooms already! A fortaste of the feast to come!

  7. The CQing is gorgeous! I love the dyed lace and enjoy dying lace myself. I find it so relaxing. Your garden is coming along beautifully. I am green with envy. I live in North Idaho and am only seeing some bulbs come up. The trees are starting to blossom and it makes me smile! :-) I was out junkin' today and found you a little treasure. Please send me your address again.

  8. Absolutely beautiful everything as always Pat!


  9. Pat, you're probably not farther south than we are, but your blooms are so much farther along than here. Maybe the lake makes it warmer there?
    Well, when I first peeked here today, I thought your CQ looked like a garden too!! Seeing all of your real blooms, it's easy to tell where you get your inspiration. :-)

  10. Anonymous9:22 AM CDT

    Thank you for sharing with us. Your pics make me smile.

  11. Don't ya just love spring?? Makes my heart pitter patter and helps my stitching immensely!! Love your work!

  12. I love, love, love bleeding heart and just can't get them to grow. Yours is beautiful! Spring is my favorite season.

  13. What a gorgeous post, so full of beauty. Your quilt is amazing, I love this.

  14. What a wonderful way to spend your days. Your plants just look lovely. The CQ is beyond stunning. Happy creating...

  15. That is gorgeous. I have followed your blog a lot and love what you create and how you present it.

    I have recently started a blog with my daughter and invite you to stop by, if you wish! Nothing like your blog but I learn from what I see!


  16. Hi Pat, I just came over to say hi. I saw your blog on Diane Knott's Musings blog roll and your Garden and Stitching caught my eye, and boy am I glad it did! You have a beautiful blog and I just became your newest follower, so I'll be back for more! I love your CQ, I've been doing a few myself and yours have been very inspiring for me! Enjoy your weekend.

  17. What a breathtakingly beautiful quilt - it takes my breath away.

    Like you, I have been spending time outdoors - covered from top to toe against the sun - but my flowers are not as advanced as yours

    It's so nice to see your garden blooms

  18. First of all, the cq is just absolutely gorgeous!!! My favorite colors are purple and green but this is to die for! And your wisteria enclosed porch sounds like heaven! You have so much blooming already!!! Lucky you!

  19. Pat ~ the crazy quilt is breathtaking!!! I love the colors! I am trying to get myself to start a small quilt for the Eastern States Fair in Mass this fall. I havent been able to go in my sewing room since Jake passed away ~ I had a chair there just for him and seeing it empty is too much.
    I am going to try this afternoon since it's a rainy day.This beautiful piece will be my inspiration!


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