Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fun day with a friend

Yesterday was so enjoyable spent with my friend Leslie from St. Joe MI. I met Leslie years ago on a Yahoo group and was excited to learn she lived nearby. We first met in person at The House of Stitches with two other gals from the group. Leslie brought some of her work with her and WOW. It is gorgeous. She makes the most wonderful French wire edged flowers and her color combos were amazing and rich. Needless to say we hit it off and have gotten together whenever possible. Leslie is a nurse and it can be hard at times seeing so many illnesses so she calls time with me "Therapy", which is very heartwarming. Actually it is the other way around because I get to take a day off from my daily tasks and just experiment with someone who enjoys the same things I do. We both love the beach and hunting for mermaid's tears so guess where we headed as soon as Leslie arrived???
It was a very gorgeous day at the beach.

 I caught Leslie in her search for mermaid's tears. 
 We found a nice lot for her collection and.....including a little blue piece. I send my friends home with the treasures we  find  to entice them back, LOL. :-)

This lady knows how to enjoy a beautiful day!

Armed with her folding chair, cooler and book, she was heading to sit and read by the shore as we were heading home to play with fabric. We told her the beach was reserved for her today!

I forgot to mention that Leslie is also a lace fairy. She frequently surprises me with bundles of gorgeous laces. Everyone knows lace makes my knees buckle. She apologized for bringing it because she knows I have a lot of lace.I feel like a pig accepting it but turning it away would be like shutting the door on a puppy in the rain.

( Well, I had to make it sound like I was doing her a favor right?)

Any lace lover knows it is an addiction and one can never have too much lace....or just to see and touch it. I did explain that being given lace allows me to experiment and use it more freely. I don't hoard it as I once did and enjoy giving it another life.
This was my "little" surprise stash of lace from the lace fairy...Lace lovers,sit down or hold on to something sturdy.....
To top that off she brought me a beautiful Spring bouquet......which will be part of my centerpiece for Easter dinner. How cheerful it is and smells of sunshine.
Those are the biggest snapdragons I have ever seen. I am enjoying this fresh flower gift and dreaming of the day I can start digging in the garden . Leslie also brought me two old wash basins on removable bases for planters in the new garden. I'll get a picture today. I could also see one on each side of the Summer kitchen planted with colorful flowers and vines to greet students...hmmmmm. Enough about me being spoiled......

After the beach we grabbed a bite and sat on the back deck for lunch before starting on a project. We felted a cuff with various fabrics and played with the Cricut. Thank you for an awesome day and great warm memories made Leslie. These are the times I will remember when I can no longer trek down to the beach.
The day went much too quickly as always but we plan on junking on Saturday :-) That should be a blast. I hope I remember my camera!

Two days in a row at the beach has spoiled me for any housework....I am heading to pick mom up in an hour for yet another beach jaunt. Whatever housework gets done in 30 minutes is all that will get accomplished today. Ready....set.....GO!


  1. As a lace lover, I'm in awe of the collection you've acquired! What are mermaids tears?

  2. sounds like a wonderful day. The beach and vintage lace...can't think of anything better except adding in your lucious silk ribbons. SEa Witch

  3. I wish for a day like that and a lace fairy too. LOL Sharon

  4. Oh Pat, I'm just salivating over that lace. Don't you just feel like you've died and gone to heaven when you get a new bunch of lace?? Lucky girl! I know you'll give it a wonderful second life. Hugs, Cathy

  5. It is far better to spend time with friends and family and do what feeds our souls. Love all of your new laces. Happy Easter...

  6. Hello Pat and Happy Easter,
    Your day with a friend sounded wonderful... Don't worry about the dust bunnies... They will take care of themselves... Go ahead and enjoy Life..
    PS the lace has me salivating too!! you will find the perfect place for it..

  7. Oh wow!!!! I am so jealous!!! Look at all that fabulous lace!!! And flowers and an old tub! How lucky you are!!! Marva

  8. WOW! You are a LUCKY girl for sure. So glad you used my term "Mermaid Tears" I just love that! I soooooooo wish I could join you & Leslie. Oh the sea... the lace... all my favorite things. I just knew you were my kind of person :) So glad you & Leslie had such fun. That lace was AMAZING! And the flowers were gorgeous. ENJOY IT ALL! HAPPY EASTER! Charlene

  9. *sigh* Sounds so wonderful, Pat! Friendship, beach combing, gifts of lace...Isn't it wonderful that winter is over!! Maybe change your last name with the seasons...Pat Spring. :-)

    Enjoy all your new lace. It looks dreamy and delicious!


  10. I can picture squealing witrh delight when the lace fairy shared her gifts!!!!! I just love sharing treasures with friends and a walk ont he beach and mermaids tears are definately treasures. But that lace- I am drooling!!!
    I know that you will do glorious things with it!!


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