Monday, April 05, 2010

Finishing a project inspired by three special friends/artists

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I spent most of it finishing the garden duties. Clipping evergreens, rose briers and raking any leaves left from last Autumn was my task for today. DH mowed the yard and brought the garden fountain out and hooked it up Saturday evening and now I am ready for the sound of trickling water and bird watching.

After doing all I could for now in the garden I ran in to grab my unfinished cuff I was making with my friend Leslie last Wed. It was inspired by three friends, Margo Duke, Gillian Allen, and Lilla Levine. I felted the base (Her Majesty Margo), scattered sequins and beads across it (Gillian), and Did a bit of SRE and used a sheer sequin butterfly fabric (Lilla). I love how it turned out and  to add a bit of "Pat Winter" to it, I filled it loosely with dried lavender buds before sewing it closed.

This was such a fun and easy project I may have to make more!!!! Does anyone have a source for sheer sequin butterfly or dragonfly fabric? If you do, and share the source, I will make you a cuff too.

Tomorrow I will fill bird cages with little white lights for the porch and garden patio. I am so ready for Spring!
 Enjoy your evening!


  1. My your garden sounds absolutely enchanting. I must see your bird cages with little white lights. Your cuff is charming and the lavender is a great idea. Happy creating...

  2. Oh Pat, have you made anything that I don't love? I don't think so! This is gorgeous!

    I love your idea of adding white lights to your birdcages. I have that beautiful vintage style birdcage that my husband bought me for Valentine's Day. I plan to paint it white and perhaps I'll add some white lights to it. I want to stop at Michael's and get a pretty bird and some roses to add to it.

    Gorgeous things Pat!

    I'll keep my eyeballs open for those pretty butterflies!


  3. Your cuff turned out beautiful. I've been surfing the web for butterflies!! Leslie

  4. Oh that is simply lovely!! You did a amazing job. I am partial to butterflies. Yours turned out fantastic.

    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring work:)

    Ann Flowers


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