Thursday, April 29, 2010


Alright, I am finished with my outdoor chores...........for now. Whew! The past week I have been mulching,weeding,transplanting,mowing, and.....removing a million concrete cobblestone thingies from the front walkway and placing them around flower beds around the yard and garden. I couldn't see tossing them in the garbage, after all, I made them several years ago with many bags of concrete and a mold. Since DH decided to do the new walkway first  the old one had to go NOW!  Oh how I dreaded this task.
The first day I thought I was going to die. The second day I was fine for about three hours then my back gave out. The third day I could hardly get out of bed but after a ride on the bike I was limber again and back to work .Would I ever be finished???
After that it is just a blur but I feel fine now and so glad it is behind me. The mulch pile is gone, the lawn is mowed, the garden is taking shape and  I am going to sit on my swing and watch DH build the sidewalk over the weekend while I stitch and watch the Wisteria.
Yes my friends, it has been a hard week but I am still around to talk about it,LOL. Oh yes, I also got mom's bathroom wallpapered and worked in a few hours of stitching last night.
I have several phone messages I must return (or email) because I didn't want anything to distract me from what had to be finished by the weekend. All I needed was a suggestion to do anything other than what I was doing and I would have been gone in a heartbeat...outta here!

A few perks from hard work, since my arms got a good workout throwing heavy concrete I decided it was a perfect time to start my push-ups again. Have you tried doing push-ups on those large exercise balls? It is so much easier on your back but you really feel it in the upper arms.

A surprise arrived in the mail during my exhausting week, a package from my dear friend Leslie of St. Joe. When I removed the box from the mailbox it sounded like the contents had broken into many pieces. I didn't want to look because I didn't want to tell Leslie her gift had arrived broken. I carefully unwrapped it and just about fell over when I saw a large bag of blue mermaid's tears and china shards smoothed by Lake Michigan and collected by dear Leslie herself. Aren't they beautiful?
I was thrilled to read that she had found these treasures herself and very touched she had sent them to me.  I think I may have to solder around a couple of the Blue Willow shards to make pendants for both of us to remind us of our beach combing days when we can no longer trek down to the shore nor climb back up again. Leslie is such a sweet and kind woman which I was fortunate to meet through the internet years ago. Learning we lived only an hour away was so exciting. When we first met in person at an arranged meeting at a stitch shop in LaPorte I knew she was a keeper. I was so intimidated by her work and very inspired. I don't know what she sees in me but I hope the spell isn't broken any time soon. :-) The only problem is when we get together the clock speeds up and we are left with so much more to say and do. Thank you Leslie for such a heartwarming surprise which you know I will cherish forever.

I may not be posting much next week because I have a couple classes and out of town visitors arriving through the week and another class on Sat. Then again, you never know when there is a bit of time to steal for blogging. :-)
As for me, I am going to plop down on the couch with a glass of ice water and exhale...
 I hope you are enjoying your creative time and sunshine wherever you may be.


  1. Lucky you Pat. My mulch pile sits as I wait for the neverending rain to stop. It snowed above us last night at the pass. I was making such progress too. I also had several mornings where geting out of bed felt like an Olympic Event. LOL But it is all so worth while isn't it. Enjoy your weekend being creative. Hugs, Sharon

  2. Whew!!You wore me out just reading about your week. Just think what you have to show for it. What a lovely surprise you got in the mail.(Aren't surprises from friends just the best!!!) Cute pictures of the b&ws, too. Diane

  3. Ooo I look forward to seeing some of the soldered creations with the blue glass. I love to solder!

  4. Pat I am worn out just reading this! but well done, I was going to say that spring does have it's down side but then I thought: Not really, amidst all those aching muscles there must be a real feeling of satisfaction, you have been exercising your creativity in a very physical way. And luck you, such a lovely gift. Enjoy!

  5. What a job!! Don't hurt yourself, sounds like great muscle building techiques. Your yard and garden will be fabulous for all your hard work. My computer crashed so getting son to stop long enough to rebuild is frustrating. Lost all my "favorites". Be sure to rest!! Leslie

  6. Sounds like you need a REST!!!! But, that kind of work feels sooooo good when it's done & you sit back & view the transformation. I too have not been blogging much because I went to Savannah for an Art Event that was divine. Lucky you to get the treasures from leslie. Does she have a blog with photos of the work that you say is better than yours? I can't imagine work better than yours! HUGS! Charlene

  7. Oh wow - what a week! Not only do you create such beautiful stitching BUT you also slug concrete. There is no end to your talents...LOL!!

  8. Reading this post makes my back hurt!!! I can't toss concrete around like I used to- be careful!!! I have a large exercise ball but don't know how to do teh push ups on it!!!
    have a good rest!!

  9. I'm still in pain from my long day working in the yard on Sunday. It is well worth it in the end, though, isn't it?


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