Thursday, April 08, 2010

Collaged crazy quilt work

My freind Julia played in Picasa and made a beautiful collage of some of her work so I thought I would play too. I pieced together a few projects and was shocked to find this is just a small amount of my work. Where did I find the time to do all this???? I have no idea. Am I addicted or what?
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  1. Very Fun Pat! Love all the colors!
    I might give it a try. My photos are scattered over two blogs though, ack, sounds like work!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Great that you had the foresight to photograph all of them. It makes an incredible beautiful collage. You could even use it for a banner. Diane(I'm still thinking about the Inner Child)

  3. Pat, you're not addicted. It's probably what quiets your mind. Beautiful as always!


  4. Yes, you're addicted but I'm sure theres no treatment. Guess you have to keep it up-what a great collage!! Leslie

  5. This is fabulous. love it.

  6. Beautiful Work Pat! You know, this would make a GREAT puzzle! It reminds me of one I did of clock inards. It took an eternity. this would be a real fun one to do.

  7. Just beautiful's amazing just how much work you have done...where do we get the time..
    Love how you've set yours out...I must have another go at it..what fun!
    Hugs Julia ♥


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