Sunday, April 04, 2010

Can't fill mom's shoes....I'm Not a cake decorator!!!!

Remember last year when I found a vintage lamb cake mold at a tag sale? Well, I've always wanted one, not the new Wilton aluminum pans, but the old heavy ones like the one mom used every Easter for her lamb cakes.
With memories of the beauties mom presented on the Easter table year after year enticed me to try one for my family. I couldn't wait to create my own lamb cake. Dreams of a fluffy frosted sweet little lamb sitting at the dinner table surrounded with green dyed coconut grass(can't use coconut, DS hates it) and colorful jelly beans (If the thought of that isn't enough to make your teeth hurt).

I realized I had no idea how to use these pans so I asked mom....she had forgotten since her lamb cake making days so I went online. I printed out directions and set out to make my sweet treat.

Fresh from the oven I saw this...and my heart sank....
Oh dear! I knew this fella wouldn't have ears. I continued to follow directions and let it sit for 15 minutes before removing the top pan.....seemed like eternity.
I was pleasantly surprised to find him intact and his ears weren't broken or fragile.
 The floured pan left him looking weird but then the icing will cover that right?Whew! On to the icing....
I dug out my icing kit and opened  Betty Crocker white fluffy  icing (I told you I don't do cakes, this includes home made icing) I spooned the icing in the decorator canister and chose a wide tip. This process was fun however the results didn't resemble the wonderful image in my mind....I added a pink gel smile (much too comical) and jelly bean nose and eyes and tossed some edible grass around him...he needs more help but the guys will eat it anyway........I hope...after a laugh or two!
I have a lot of practice to do before making these for grandchildren.
Mom......I tried.
Does anyone else have a food disaster to share? To make me feel better?  Back to cooking..........


  1. I think your lamb cake is adorable, I myself don't do much baking. I'm sure your mom will find it delightful too! You get the blue ribbon for effort!

  2. Your lamb is just sweet....and you get an A for effort... I don't do lambs but I do a mean castle cake which would be great for grandkids cuz they can spend the day making crowns and decorating them with rhinestones..... Gerry K...

  3. I am very impressed that you were brave enough to use the pan!! Bravo!!! I think that your efforts are adorable and I am sure that any grandchildren that come along would be thrilled!!!!

  4. I think your lamb cake is great. Icing a cake is HARD I think.

    Since you asked about cooking disasters I could tell quite a few. When I was first married I tried to make a lemon meringue pie. I didn't know what lemon zest was but thought it must mean the lemon rind. So I diced one up as little as I could with a knife and stirred it up in the pie. Wow! Did that ever make you pucker!!!

  5. I think your lamb is cute and it was made with love, which is all that matters.

    As for cooking disasters, I could probably write a book. When DH and I first began dating I had heard that the way to a mans heart was through his stomach. So...I knew he loved grapefruit and, when I stumbled across a recipe to make a grapefruit pie, I knew I had the perfect thing. Well, he married me anyway, despite having concrete (in more ways than one) proof that I couldn't cook.

    Another time I had invited a friend over for lunch and undertook to make a fairly simple cake that required the 'icing' to be heated up in the oven (it was one of those coconut/butter/brown sugar deals). I was supposed to put it on top of the hot cake and then place it under the broiler til it bubbled. Well. It caught fire and my friend drove in JUST in time to see the flaming cake come sailing out the front door and into the snowbank.
    Remember, you asked!!

  6. Your lamb is very sweet. thanks for sharing it...

  7. Your lamb is adorable and much better than my first attempt at one!)
    It stuck in the pan and lost its little head!

    as for cooking disasters if the smoke detector doesn't go off,
    its not done yet!)

    for my very first dinner party,
    I cooked all day.
    I made wonderful orderves and baked a chicken with all the trimmings.

    did I mention there were 7 people invited?
    well they all came
    and brought dates!

  8. Your lamb is so cute! Reminds me of the bunny my mother used to make every year for Easter and cover it with coconut. My brother makes it now and he does a great job. A tip I use when I make chocolate molded cakes (bundts etc..) Is to use cocoa powder and crisco to grease the pan instead of flour. That way you will not have that white stuff on the cake. I guess if you were not going to frost it you could do this.


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