Friday, April 09, 2010

Busy as a bee.....

Its very busy around here and don't have time to blog but I stole a moment or two to sit for a few minutes and took advantage of it and read Ellen's blog and had to share these words that I agree with 110%....oh my goodness how true this is! Quote from Ellen:

Bless all the generous souls who take their expertise and pass it out, instead of sitting on it like an egg that might hatch.

by the way..........

Ellen will be giving two lectures on Friday April 16th at Spring International Quilt Festival in Chicago

She will be offering "The Visual Path" from 11 - Noon, and The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy at  5:30-6:30.  It will be just about when you're ready to sit and rest for a moment. So please come join her! I may see you too!

Quilt Festival/Chicago
April 16-18, 2010
Rosemont, Illinois
Donald E. Stephens Center


  1. Pat,

    I tried to enter a comment on her blog and it wouldn't register. It did allow me to "follow" for future posts!

    Thanks for sharing, I love the sentiment!


  2. yah ! ha love that

    like sitting on an egg that might hatch

    so true

    so true

    keep moving forward, creating the new, sharing what you do, because in a wink of an eye

    everyone is doing it anyway !

    and you are still sitting on that egg.


    I know a few folks like that

    Guarding the Secrets of Their Tomes

    so funny


    and THanks Madame GAtherings for posting / sharing it so I could find it too.



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