Saturday, March 13, 2010

PINK Saturday

Yesterday I took mom shopping and we stumbled upon a HUGE garage sale. Being tag sale-aholics on a dry run (Winter) we followed the signs which led to an old house and big barn. The barn was filled with antiques and the owner told us it continued in the house. Amazing things that I had no room for. I wish all of you "junkers" could have been there. I could see the old time card holder to be great for storing vintage postcard collection or tags, a metal pharmacy cabinet with curved glass shelves to store beads or trims, vintage albums just for pure delight sitting on a coffee table, etc.....I need more rooms,LOL.

The house was very interesting as well and filled with wondrous things.Beyond the dining room with the large build in china cabinet into the parlor area there were two floor to ceiling windows on framing French doors that led into the main narrow hall with a replica of my stairway. I was so tempted to ask for a tour but knew it would be rude and besides, it wasn't the time to entertain with people arriving for a sale.

The feel of the house was strangely familiar. I wish I had my camera and was actually tempted to go back this morning to take pictures. When I peeked through the French doors into the hall I saw something unsettling.

A dream came to mind.....For many years (25 plus) I have been having this reoccurring dream. I was in an old home between the walls behind a fireplace and stairway but I could see out. The mantle in front of me was lined with cranberry glass.

Well, in the narrow hall between the parlor doors and stairway stood a tiered table with about 20 cranberry glass containers lined up. Like a catholic prayer area???? I was immediately reminded of the dream and felt uneasy.I felt like I was having a low blood sugar attack and began feeling lethargic and trembling. I told mom we had to leave because I needed to eat something. I don't know if that was the reason, but whatever it was, it was weird. I quickly paid  for my gathered items made it to the car without fainting. What a terrible time to feel sick. I didn't want to leave because there was so much more to explore.

I woke up thinking I should return and on the other hand, I would freak out if that feeling repeated itself today. Better to leave it alone I think. So....I happened to find PINK things that I decided should be shared on PINK Saturday....they are...a porcelain lace figurine with the tiniest fingers....each intact.....

another smaller girl with basket figurine with the porcelain lace. They washed up beautifully with ammonia.

 .......a large vintage pink velvet strawberry pin cushion with several glass hat pins.

....and a beautiful rose porcelain teacup and saucer... 

 That was all the pink things. A few other treasures include............. an old glass sugar canister with the sugar label intact. I love the metal (tin?) lid.
It was filled with these buckles & buttons...
This dresser scarf/runner was on a small side table and it had to come home with me. 

 A little hand wash and it is as good as new...vintage new. It needs ironing.The embroidered ladies dress has lace inserted.

 Gorgeous. I had the same lady design sheet and pillowcase set on my canopy bed  when I was a little girl in the 70's. I'm sure many of you did too.

This little bit of beaded trim was lost in the chaos and the sweet owner gave it to me. 
 Needless to say my sleep was restless last night as my thoughts were consumed  by the things I saw in the house and the house itself.
We happened to have a delightful and unexpected outing...the best kind.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. From now on you need to carry some cheese crackers in your purse, to ward off the low blood sugar! Your find sounds like a collectors dream> I love all of your finds and so wish taht I could ahve been with you!! Sorry that it had to have the spookey aspect however> Do you think maybe you were in that house as a child, perhaps to play with a school friend or something???? You certainly ahve strong self control to stay away- but there will be other sales!!
    Hugsto you on Pink Saturday!!!
    Those porecalin lace figurines are extrmely collectable and it is veryr rare to find them in such wonderful condition!!!!!

  2. I'm curious there any special secret to cleaning the figurines with ammonia? I've never heard of doing that. Great finds at what sounds to be a fun sale. I really do wish they had those sorts of sales here!

  3. Pat~
    Lovely treasures! Sorry to hear that you were so unsettled by the house! Don't ya hate it when ya don't have enough room for goodies?? Wish I could have been along for the fun!

  4. Pat you sure found some treasures but that pin cushion and the table scarf with the ladies dress made with lace were wonderful. They were all great things to have.

    I get that shaky, low blood sugar feeling at times and I now carry a package of granola bars in the car just in case. It is a horrible feeling. When it happens at home I just eat and eat until it seems to subside. I don't have it for ages then it just comes on and I can never figure out why.



  5. Beautiful pieces-I wished I was there. Not sure where I'd put anything but you never know. We have to go junking SOON!!!
    Hugs Leslie

  6. Pat,
    I'm not one to have esp-like experiences. However, I have two cousins who do experience feelings similar to the one you had.
    But I am curious as to whether a return trip would incur the same reaction. If so, perhaps a conversation with the owner of the house could enlighten you as to it's history.
    In real life I am more practical in nature than my cousins who have their links with the spirits.

  7. Glad you got some lovely treasurers. I think it is good you did not go back to test your reactions to the house. Best to enjoy the treasures and time spent with mom. Happy collecting...

  8. Enjoyed your story so much. I too feel you may have been there as a child or if your in tune with spirts you may have picked up on something else?
    In any case your finds are wonderful enjoy them , I can't wait for yard sale season!

  9. What treasures! Except for your deja view experience, it sounds like it was such fun and you got some amazing pieces.

    I began studying dreams decades ago after several precognitive dreams that were frightening and I didn't want to be frightened. I view dreams in an entirely different light now. You can always email me privately if you would like to discuss aspects of dreams. They're quite personal so I wouldn't attempt to interpret any of it, but I can help with symbology sometimes.

  10. I was looking at the embroidered runner and am so impressed with the skill of the maker in putting the lace in the skirt. Very nice. And I see it also has a hand crocheted border.

    It's so much fun to visit your blog after you've made these fun excursions. I wouldn't have room for anything right now so it makes it all the more fun to look!


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