Sunday, March 14, 2010

New clutch

I recently made a trip to Vogue fabrics and oddly my purchases were all periwinkle colored fabrics. There are many interpretations of periwinkle. My definition is a blue that could be purple and vice versa. Whatever is proper, I love it and it really doesn't matter.I'm not an art student, so my ignorance on this issue is bliss,LOL.

These are the calming fabrics I added to my stash.....they look purple in the photo but actually the blue is more prominent.....definitely Periwinkle!

Last night I had the urge to create so I printed off a favorite image of a Gypsy girl,

gathered my periwinkle fabrics, tossed in a few silvery greens and whipped up a clutch front. This morning I assembled the clutch. The colors go so well with worn blue jeans!

I found the vintage beaded applique in one of my favorite etsy shops, Gypsy Feather last year. Hidden on the tip is an earth magnet.(Neodymium iron boron-A very small yet strong magnet)
The silver filigree butterfly was found in another fav jewelry supply shop, Artful Market, and I beaded it and hid an earth magnet under the tip of its wing to secure the flap. The finishing touch was the addition of the vintage tatted trim along the flap edge I found on a rummage trip. I love giving new life to old textiles. This clutch will be available in my Artfire shop. I just had to feed the creative energy, but really don't need another clutch myself, LOL.
I know all you creative souls can understand this.
Make it a creative day!


  1. This is so beautiful. I find it amazing that you just "whipped" it up. It looks like so much work. This should become someone's heirloom to pass on for generations. Happy creating...

  2. In my favorite color too! You did describe periwinkle perfectly. You amaze me at how quickly you put things together. It truly is beautiful.

  3. I too am impressed at your speed of putting things together. I feel a tad dumb asking, but what IS an "earth magnet?"

  4. What a beautiful clutch. Did you know that the color periwinkle is one of the few colors that everyone can wear and it looks good on them? Just a bit of useless info.

  5. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Ok Miz WIz kid CQ er- you OFFICIALLY blow me away!! WHipping up this and that and creating such exquistie things with my favorite colors!! i think that blondes are very drawn to this color as it complements our skin tones and hair color so very well!!!
    A fabric question for you- When you buy such beautiful fabrics how much do you generally buy? 1/2 yd, 1/4 yrd, just curious?
    Love thet atting on the edge of the clutch and I am sure that it will not be at ArtFire for long!!!
    I am having a creative day- I am beading a bracelet for an Auction and I have taken it apart twice now- a bit frustrated, but there is no point in continuing on if it is not working out!!! SIGH!!!
    Big Hugs!

  7. Gorgeous - stunning - breathtakingly beautiful


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