Sunday, March 14, 2010

My muse won't rest!!!!!!

I have no idea where I am getting this creative bug but my muse will not stop. I sat down around 2-ish this afternoon with a beautiful image that a sweet new blogging friend, Rebecca, shared with me. I loved the image I had seen last week of the little girl with violets on her blog and inquired about it...well, she generously shared it with gathering a few purple fabrics and stash.............this is what came of that image 5 hours later....

It will become a pouch tomorrow.....Rebecca dear, could I get your address please? Thank you so much for the image, I enjoyed working with it today.


  1. GASP! It is GORGEOUS my friend. Your working is just amazing! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You certainly do work your 'magic', don't you? I'm sooo impressed!

    I'm off to forward you my address!


  2. Hi Pat! This is stunning! I love the heart you showed a few posts ago also. Your crazy quilting is amazing!!! xo's Paulette ;)

  3. Dear Pat,
    That is just so pretty in shades of purple. Really shows off the lovely girl with the violet blooms. I am so glad you are having so much fun with your muse!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  4. What a lovely way to use that beautiful image. The pouch is going to be so very pretty.

  5. HI Pat, I would say your muse is in high gear. This is fabulous, just beautiful.

  6. czn your talent EVER lay dorment ?? ...This is just beautiful.
    I have looked at the sites you mention here....what temping things they offer.


  7. My goodness what a stunning bag - it's amazing how you just 'collect' all the things together.

  8. Pat, this is amazing! Your muse is on overdrive. Gorgeous


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