Monday, March 01, 2010

Ivory Ann sure can pack a box!

What a fun surprise I just received in my mail box. A surprise box from my dear friend Ivory Ann. When I opened the box and saw many layers I knew I must grab the camera. First I found two beautiful cards, one wishing me a happy 50th YEAR! What a sweet idea! She is right, I must celebrate my entire year of being 50! It is something to be celebrated!!!!

Oh my! Where do I begin?

Out came a little tissue packet with a vintage collar with tatted beautiful! A porcelain brooch and beautiful pale aqua beads for play.
What's this? A velvet jewelry bag filled with delightful tokens. Charms, beautiful dragonfly pendant and a sweet pair of silver earrings with hearts and anchor....

I know Ivory Ann had my dad in mind and my beach walks along Lake Michigan when she tucked these in the box. I will wear these during my mermaid tear jaunts with mom and to all my outings to MI. I love them!
Next I unwrapped this adorable garden wind chime with dragonflies. Oh Spring hurry up and arrive!!!
What do we have here? A Capodimonte porcelain piece to hang in my tea room. How beautiful! 
How pretty it is upon the vintage embroidered doily.
I'm not done just yet......
Some after wine mints and a purple wrapped chocolate bar must have fallen in the box. Yum! These will go on my bath tray for later enjoyment. 

Look at this treasure trove! I am way too spoiled and certainly not deserving of such gifts and attention. I won't be able to stand myself! Thank you Ivory Ann. I am truly touched by your thoughtfulness .

I haven't even shared last weeks treats from some very sweet friends as time got away from me.
Lelia made some adorable tatted butterflies and tucked them in a beautiful card. I took a picture of them but can't locate them at the moment????
So, here is a coupon for those who frequent Hobby Lobby. Have a great evening!


  1. Yes, you should defintely celebrate the entire year for your 50th! What a wonderful friend to send you such goodies she knows you would love. Keep creating...

  2. Who needs Christmas when lovely things like this come in the mail? You deserve every one of them.

  3. I just saw the lovely gifts you sent to Maggie and now I am enjoying your great gift box as well:)

  4. Oh my what a nice surprise for you, and so lovely to boot. I love things like that and when they come in the mail it makes you feel like a kid sister always sends me little care packages that mean a great deal to me.


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