Thursday, March 04, 2010

I've got sunshine!!!!!!

What a beautiful day. I sat on the back deck for 45 minutes just soaking up the sun. With just a sweatshirt on I was leaning against the warm brick house breathing in the scent of the thawing earth and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. With my eyes closed my mind wandered as the melting snow gently splattered from the roof onto the deck beside me.
 It was a wonderful treat as I sat dreaming up plans for the new back garden, planning a small CQ item for a contest...yes, I said contest. I don't do them anymore but this one was too inviting although the due date is April 1st!!!!
I ran some  early morning errands and  rushed home to enjoy the rest of the day .I didn't accomplish much however I did get the cabinets under my work table in the studio organized and a seam stitched on the CQ. I will stitch all day tomorrow, so no guilt over that.

I have been wanting to share some gifts/cards from sweet friends and I seem to forget until after the computer is turned off so here goes.........
This is a tag gift pouch from my sweet friend Sharon.
The second pic is the front of tag/card.
She tucked some pretty little charms inside. Thank you Sharon!!!! Love them and the pretty card!!!

These pretty  silk ribbon embroidered dragonflies were stitched by another sweet friend, Catherine.
Very pretty colors, Thank you!!! 

I actually attended a NANI meeting on Tuesday evening and my secret sis made this pretty tea towel for me. A Red work design stitched in my favorite dusty purple thread.
This is my first and will inspire me to stitch some for myself which I have been meaning to do. Wouldn't it be sweet to have the whole collection? Something to work on!
Whoever you are, thank you, I love it!!!!

Every time I want to ship off a surprise, I have to rummage through a drawer of torn labels, jotted names and notes, and old envelopes for an address. Just laziness on my part. Sooooo.....I decided to get my address's in one place and I bought a Rolodex.

I have gathered all the jotted down names and torn labels I could find and placed them safely in one spot. Which made me think of an idea....If you are reading this post and want your name added to the Rolodex for a future surprise drawing from the ole Rolodex, email your address to me at  and I will make a note on your card that you are an online never know when I am in the mood to send out a giftie or two! For those who know me already, if you don't think I have your address, please email it to me. I want them all at my fingertips, and don't worry, I would never give out your address to anyone. International viewers welcome!!!!

Lastly I want to share some beautiful papers I found at Michael's. 
 I don't know what I will do with them but they are so pretty. They are lightly glittered. Any suggestions?
Alright, I must work on the little contest piece so I am outta here. Have a great evening!

The cricut is resting peacefully....I got a paper cut last night so I decided to set it aside until it heals....LOL.
Only kidding, I bought more paper today and draws too, and cuts fabric!!!! Oh the ideas I have swimming in my little brain. However I must pace myself or all Jilly will have when she returns is a smoking glob of plastic with wires hanging out!


  1. I don't know who love purple more, me or you. The colors you work with always seem to be my favorite. The purple and greens, orange and turquoise. You can really put your colors together and make a big statement with them.
    Glad you had a warm morning to sit and dream about your garden, its warm here in TX right now, so I have been raking and pulling weeds. So ready for spring.
    You have a wonderful Friday!!!
    Hugs, Pat

  2. Love the dragon flys made using your lucious ribbons. How creative they are. Know what you mean about the sun...I'm jonesing for some this weekend. Sea witch

  3. If you're looking for some vintage embroidery patterns suitable for towels & such, have a look at (look through the 'Crafty Projects & Ideas' section). She quite often runs different series of patterns.
    We had sunshine here today too...what a treat!

  4. Sunshine is wonderful and really re-energizes us all. We have rain again. You have the best projects you are always working on. Looking forward to seeing them. Create...

  5. What happened with the Cricut? I thought you would have created your own Rolodex. 8^)
    I looked at two Cricuts at WalMart this morning. Fortunately they were not Pink.


  6. Pat...I can't wait to see what you do with that cutter-ma-jig! I'm in pins and needles!

    I didn't hear back from you regarding the graphic with the violets. Did you want it? LMK, OK?

    Thank you for stopping by today and the well wisher for my dad. Meant more than you know.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  7. My gosh women where do you find the time? You have to be the busiest bee on the planet. I'm so happy for you that your day was pleasant! I too have been enjoying the weather on my deck plotting and planning my new garden. It was 60 today and so toasty warm. My daughter-in-law has a criquet so I'm thinking I better go take a better look? Love all the goodies you have been getting, you give so much that its no wonder the post man likes to make frequent stops at your house. Enjoy your wkend and I hope the weather cooperates!

  8. I can just picture the scene- and a garden makeover - my you have a lot of energy this year.

    Love the presents, the papers you bought - love everything. It is hard to tear myself away today - been looking at older posts.

    Talking of which - look out for a plain brown package - posted today - not sure how long it takes to get over the pond

    And what a posh rolodex my word, bet you will be buying more cards for it before long!


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