Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm in LOVE

OMG! Jilly is leaving for California for a couple of weeks and she dropped off her Cricut machine this morning for me to play with. I had mentioned that I may want to buy one and now I was getting to try it first.I love this little thing........
What was life like a couple of hours ago? I have no idea....this is A-Mazing! These are on sale at Joann fabrics this week for $249.99. Hmmmmm I may see what is up in eBay first.....
Naturally she has a million cartridges to play with.
These are so adorable....birds...children holding birds...fairies....hands...tags...oh geez!

Sorry Jilly...I lost it while cleaning.......the dog ate it.....we had a burglar sometime between this morning and now and they only took the Cricut machine.
Seriously, this is the most fun I have had since?????? I have to get one now. It won;t be the pretty pink model but I have to have one. I'm off to eBay.......................
I just nabbed one for $168!!!!! How cool is that?  Now I can make tags galore....and cards..oh my! Watch out blogland friends...I'll have to make up holidays just to send cards :-)
Will this mean the end of crazy quilting for me????? Yikes!


  1. Congratulations on your new toy! I will look forward to all your new creations. I do not have one but understand they are amazing. What a great friend Jilly is to let you try before you buy. :o) Keeep creating...

  2. Wow, what an amazing thing! I had never seen one before, I am absolutely stunned at what that thing can do. Can't wait to see what you are going make with all those pretty pretty cutouts.

  3. I suspect you can use it on fabric if you iron it to freezer paper before cutting. Might be worth a try. Imagine the interesting shapes you could applique onto cc pieces...
    Have fun with your new toy!

  4. I'm with Kathy and wonder if you can't use it on fabric too? Then you could combine CQ AND cool would that be!!

  5. Hi Pat

    My daughter has one for her scrapbook and stamping fun. I had never paid much attention but this summer I will get into it. She said me down a bunch of shapes to make tags with and now I have the bug.

    I believe she said certain material would go thru it if I remember right. Have fun.



  6. oh yes... you can use it on fabric!! the newest info-mercial says so!! don't have one myself, yet. but the larger model, the one on sale for $249, not $89, at JoAnn's (guess where I work!), is suppose to work wonderfully on fabric. I think there's a special mat for fabric.

  7. Oh, Pat,
    My s-i-l keeps telling me all the great things she can do with her Cricut.
    And now, you're going to tempt all of us with your new love interest.

    Have fun, lucky Pat.


  8. Ah Pat, you will have so much fun with your new toy. Just thing of all the hours you will spend creating with it.

  9. very kewl - enjoy playing : )

  10. You can indeed cut fabric with this thing!!! I have been resisting for so long but now when you say you got one on Ebay for 166!!! OMG!! you must show us and then think of how you can integrate it into your cq work- templates for embroidery patterns etc!!!! Have a blast and we all nedd some new interests to keep the creative juices flowing... yah thats it- that will be my story!!!!
    Happy Hugs!

  11. DH bought me one for Christmas. I finally had to pack it away for a while as I wasn't getting anything else done. So much fun! My grandchildren love it too.

  12. I hear they are absolutely amazing. Glad that you found one.

  13. A new toy-how exciting for you!
    You'll be so busy-don't forget Crazy Quilting!

  14. I got my cricut for Christmas also and it is a blast. What cartridge is that fairy from? I have to have that one!

  15. oh my cricut :)
    Great blog, too!!

  16. Oh cool! I don't have a Cricuit but would love to have one!!! Love all the dies they have! I do have a Sissix with lots of dies that cut fabric, I need to do some more of those....


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