Monday, March 15, 2010

I will never be finished................

I finished the violet pouch ...
and added some drop beads along the top.
I don't usually add beading however I really wanted to do my "ONE" learned beading stitch,LOL.

Anyway, I  turned my back for a minute and "BAM" my muse started collecting for another project.

Does she not remember I have a huge CQ to finish?  Oh well, I will fit it in somewhere...perhaps I will make small things during the weekend to break up the large CQ project. It helps when I keep several projects going..never boring around here....or in my mind :-)
Have a good one! Gotta go get the pouch ready for shipping.

*A reminder....send mailing address to to add to my Rolodex because you never know what my muse is up to~International welcome*


  1. What would life be like if we had no new musings???

    I love the pouch and the beading looks terrific.

  2. What a fantastic pouch-and your muse is just as gorgeous too. I get side-tracked in a totally different way out in the garden today

    It is wonderful to 'wander off' in one's imagination - it's refreshing.

  3. Oh My! You and your muse are so quick with beautiful projects I missed one when I blinked. :o) The purple is gorgeous but I think the new pink one is my favorite. The ribbon totally matches her hair adornment! Happy creating...

  4. Your pouch is so amazing, I adore it. You asked me about the six pack egg cartons on my blog. I purchased that on Etsy and I cannot find those cartons here in Canada. WIsh I could though.

  5. Pat, the reason your muse won"t stop is because once you take out one of the little girl silkies to play with they ALL want to come out and play!!! My favorite thing to work with is the adorable little girl silkies. I love them!!! I"m working with one now, it"s on my blog..Debbie (Maine)

  6. Busy busy bee! I turn away for one day and bam, Oh that blue clutch is to die for. And the violet pouch is too. Hey did you ever get my card? Have a great week.

  7. Beautiful piece as always Pat. I finally got the Child's Year cricut cartridge like you showed on your blog. It arrived last night and tomorrow is my day off, so I can't wait to play with it.

  8. Pat can you please send your muse for a visit at least to get mine jump started again.....your work is beautiful as always....I love the clutch.

  9. Love the PINKS!!!! My favorite color. It wasn't when I was little but has become as I age-isn't that odd?? Oh yah-See you soon!! Leslie

  10. Oh how gorgeous this is!!! You do such beautiful work Pat!


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