Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honoring "Ugly Betty"

Yesterday DH handed me an envelope from the fabulous mixed media artist, AMBER DAWN. Amber Dawn held a drawing in honor of the discontinued TV show fans of UGLY BETTY. I was so excited to learn I was a winner of a creation in the making. Something that UGLY BETTY would wear. As I slowly unwrapped my prize I was filled with excitement as my imagination was whirling with possible ideas of what it could be. I could not have been more delighted if Amber Dawn would have sent me a 10 carat diamond!!!
First off, it is purple!!!! It arrived with the cutest vintage card, like the ones I used to receive from my Aunt Sylvia as a child. I always felt so special when I received my own mail....I still do :-)

Not only is it a brooch, but can be worn as a pendant too.
 It is just beautiful and unfortunately my pictures do not capture the sparkly elements that catches your eye in a subtle sophisticated way. The base is a copper leaf and there is a purple violet which will always remind me of receiving this in the Spring when the delicate violets carpet the area by the creek.

 I absolutely love it and will be so proud wearing it......and Betty would have adored it. Thank you so much Amber Dawn. I am honored to own your creation.
Ugly Betty reruns will show on Sunday evenings, for those of us who may suffer withdrawals :-)


  1. Oh Pat, how pretty is that!!! And so unusual!

  2. Congratulations on our winning such a unique brooch/pendant. Amber Dawn really captures our interest in this piece. Happy creating...

  3. What a beautiful piece of art.Leslie

  4. I love that show. There is nothing ugly about Ugly Betty. Pretty little brooch/pendent that will look smashing on one of your handdyed ribbons. Sea witch

  5. I've never watched 'Ugly Betty'...I guess maybe I've missed something good if this piece of art is any indication. I love it!

  6. What a stunning work of art -and you truly deserve it.

    A great idea to make it either a pendant or a brooch.

  7. ~*Hi Pat!*~


    I am so happy that you like it!!!

    I've just returned to blog browsing after several weeks of work and projects. I am enjoying your blog very much!
    I am going back now to soak in the gorgeous beauty of your work!!!!
    *LOVE* does not even describe what I feel for your work!!!!!
    ahhhh, this "Small Purple Project" heart is making my heart MELT!

    ~*Thank you for posting my Ugly Betty Tribute!*~



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